Stadtwerkstatt (STWST)

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Franz Xaver – Infolab (AT)

The Third Nature

Complex Information

Complex Information & Interference of the Unknown: Franz Xaver operates the Infolab of the municipal utility, expanding the concept of information to include „The Third Nature“.
„The Third Nature“ is about approaching complex information as one would complex numbers, which consist of real and imaginary parts. It is always a challenge to transfer unknown information into real, i.e. „logically correct,“ information. As an example, interference patterns which Franz Xaver repeatedly rediscovered mathematically and artistically in the course of 30 years are mentioned and shown. The aim is to define what part of this information is real.

Franz Xaver – Infolab (AT)

El’Hail satellite

New Independent Information Channels

This project sees itself in terms of independence of information and information channels. With the amateur radio satellite QO 100, it is possible to make narrow band transmissions. This is referenced by the SSTV project (Slow Scan TV), and Arts-Birthday Bob Adrian X on 06.01.2016 New signals are now being sent across the globe via the QO 100 satellite with the callsign OE5FXC. Via the SDR web interface, these broadcasts can be received by anyone. An example:



A STWST project initiated by Shu Lea Cheang (US)


MAKE BREAD. EAT PICKLE., a Kitchen Social Act with hyperinformed dough and ever-fermenting pickles, is conceived to make and eat food together while engaging in conversations on strategies for food production and distribution. As we emerge from state-imposed confinement, we are left with no “normal” to get back to and no “new normal” to step into. During the confinement period, #quarantinebaking was trending and local small farms rose to the occasion by dispatching seeds and organizing food trucks. From farm to table, we need to review and redesign the global food supply and distribution systems.
MAKE BREAD is an act of “cultural manipulation” -to make a giant sourdough starter and bake breads by inviting people to bring their own, homegrown starters to mix in. EAT PICKLE sources fresh vegetables from local farms for fermentation and preserving. The pickled vegetables are reserves for the future, as we speculate on hard times and happy hours. Set up by the Donau river bank in an open air setting, we gather Linz citizens and visitors to make and share freshly baked loaves of sourdough bread and seasonal pickles through the 48 hours of STWST48x6.
Let the dialogues begin! Long live Mother Yeast. Pickle the Future.



Tanja Brandmayr – Quasikunst (AT)

My Brain Freezes at Minus 273 Degrees

High Potency Project

„My Brain Freezes at Minus 273 Degrees“ is a body, context and high potency project. It begins by talking about the body and continues with thinking about the contradictions at the boundaries of science. „My Brain“ deals with physical mechanisms that are difficult, start in a reduced way and become effective upon unexplained contact with „consciousness.“ Practical setting and reflection are accompanied by LESS physical activity: What are breathing and imagination? What does an economy of movement mean? What is reduction? LITTLE IS JUSTIFIED WITH MUCH. This is continued by reduction on the physical level of metabolism. It is about fasting and autophagy. With this autonomous, self-acting mechanism of “self-eating” that has been genetically stored in our cells for hundreds of thousands of years, other self-healing cell processes are triggered. Moreover, the body paradox of the less available is reflected far below zero in a controversial quantum theory of consciousness according to which quantum effects occur in the microtubules of the brain to generate consciousness (although quantum effects -as in, for example, quantum computers- are said to be possible only around minus 273 degrees, according to current research.) All these approaches lead artistic practice towards complete dissolution. They are symbolically diluted and shaken to the point of nothingness as artistic high-potency projects. At every dizzying border, however, they insist on a classical function of art by allowing the unspeakable, the indirect, the irrational, the hidden and the actually „other“ to take effect. The body as media high potency project at your own risk: my brain freezes at minus 273 degrees.



Stadtwerkstatt / OrtnerSchinko (AT)

The New Gibling

Community Currency and Currency Art

New Gibling, black on black: The new Gibling from OrtnerSchinko -a dark community currency in times of digitalized cash flows, black money, gold rush and global economic crisis, all in one- has been valid since 15 June 2020. This year’s community currency will also be presented during STWST48x6 MORE LESS at Stadtwerkstatt. On this occasion it can be exchanged in 1, 2 and 5 Gibling notes at Punkaustria and Gibling-Punkomat, in small and large amounts. Also, the new art investment of the OrtnerSchinko-Edition can be purchased with a 1, 2, 5 and 500 Gibling note per art edition: an insider tip for timeless art currency speculation at € 500.