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STEAMhouse, Birmingham City University (UK)

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The Ars Electronica Garden Birmingham showcases STEAM education practices from across Europe and is hosted by STEAMhouse, a centre for innovation, creative thinking, prototyping and business development powered by Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths, based in Digbeth, in the heart of Birmingham, UK. It is a partnership between Birmingham City University and Eastside Projects, a local artist-run multiverse. Its aim is to be a space for the open, the curious and the creative that inspires people to experiment, test and develop new knowledge.

STEAM – the concept

The Ars Electronica Garden Birmingham is hosting examples of best practices in STEAM education throughout Europe. It includes approaches from participating partners of the STEAM INC Erasmus+ knowledge alliance coordinated by STEAMhouse and presentations from the First Birmingham City University International STEAM Conference. Birmingham is also playing host to other European projects that are engaged in STEAM education, including SySTEM2020, Open Science Hub and Creative School.

STEAMhouse sees that STEAM is centered on collaboration and openness, and believes that those principles are most fully realized when the arts and the sciences are allowed to collide, for the creativity embedded in both to be released. The team at Birmingham City University is involved in a number of initiatives to develop STEAM thinking and approaches including European projects like the Erasmus+ STEAM Innovation and Curriculum, developing and hosting STEAMlabs and creating toolkits to support innovation processes. Most recently, we have organized The First BCU International STEAM Conference to bring the Sciences, the Arts, industry and academia together.


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

The Ars Electronica Garden Birmingham – STEAM is included within the framework of STEAM INC and has been funded with the support of the European Union and the Erasmus+ Programme.
STEAMhouse: Patrick Bek (UK), Tom Cahill-Jones (UK), Clayton Shaw (UK), Laura Veart (UK)

STEAMhouse, Birmingham City University
Arts Council England
Birmingham City University
Eastside Projects
European Regional Development Fund
Greater Birmingham & Solihull
Midlands Engine