Al truth machine
LIT Law Lab, Johannes Kepler Universität (AT)

From the “transparent citizen” and ”social scoring” to AI-supported truth finding in the courtroom and machine-generated administrative notices: the digitization of administration and jurisdiction has many facets. It requires not only a consideration of what is technically possible, but also what is legally permissible and what is desired in terms of legal policy. Against this background, the LIT Law Lab has two installations dedicated to the legal framework conditions (fundamental rights and data protection), problems and proposed solutions for a digitized enforcement.

The Wild State

THE WILD STATE is the title of this year’s Kunstuniversität Campus activities at Hauptplatz Linz during Ars Electronica Festival 2020 from 9. – 13. September 2020. Existing since 2002, the intention of the Campus format is to invite outstanding international universities working in the academic fields of media arts and design. This year with an exhibition with contributions by various partner universities, as well as the departments Interface Cultures, Visual Communication, Fashion&Technology, Art Education, and Design: Tech.Tex. Special events comprise façade projection “Interfacing Hauptplatz”, the Internet flea market “Yami-ichi”, discursive format “Agora Digitalis” and the top notch nightline “Sound Campus”.

Future Life. Interferences, Alterations, Changes.
Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (ES)

The artists in this exhibition work with blood and chlorophyll to investigate the connections between human and plant life. They use microbial cultures, robotic clams and sensors to demonstrate the contamination of the oceans; or apply AI algorithms so that something as innocent as a flower can visualize financial speculation. They also engage with the new icons, practices and virtual devices that define the increasingly polarized and radicalized scenarios of online social and cultural ecosystems.

A glimpse into the cultural capital program
European Capital of Culture Esch2022 (LU)

The Night Sky: Unveiling What Only the Dark Reveals
Open Science Hub - Portugal, Municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (PT)

Open Science Hub - Portugal (OSHub-PT; Plataforma de Ciência Aberta) is a social innovation project that brings together science, technology and innovation with the daily life of local and regional communities, supporting schools and societal actors in tackling local relevant challenges. It is a project of the Municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, in collaboration with Leiden University.

Achaeoscillator_Towards incorporeal forms of sensing listening and gaze
Terra Australis Ignota Research Group (CL) with Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC)

Achæoscillator displays the drastic weather conditions of the southernmost island in the world on a virtualized representation of the end/beginning of the Americas. A one-person experience, where the research presents traces and connections between the ancestors of the Yagán community, the Kawesqar and Selk’nam and the Antarctic, Scotia and South America continental plates, offering an inestimable and uncontrollable source of Gaia's power.

Ecole nationale supérieure d’art (ENSA) (FR), Antre-Peaux (FR)

The collective DRUMS, made up of 9 emerging artists researching and working within the field of sound and beyond, offer two hours of streaming over five days (September 9-13). Each daily session will be based on a specific pattern, responding to the pattern of the day before. "A throw of the dice never will abolish chance." – Mallarmé

Real Feelings. Emotion and Technology
HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) (CH)

Emotions are at the core of human experience. They influence every aspect of our lives and shape our social behaviour. In the 21st century, technology has started to engage with emotions like never before. The international group show at HeK presents works by 20 artists ―in mediums ranging from artificial intelligence, interactive installations, robotics and biometrics to gaming, video installations and virtual reality by 20 artists― that explore how technology can assess and trigger our emotions.

Solar Orchard Garden
ESPRONCEDA - Institute of Art & Culture (ES), MIRA Festival (ES), Insitute Ramon Llull (ES), Helsinki XR Center (FI), ./studio3, Institut for Experimental Architecture (AT), MEET Digital Culture Center (IT), UCA (UK)

The Solar Orchard Garden is a complex system that activates the curiosity of visitors / participants by play with two complementary concepts: quintessence, the fifth element of alchemy, and the Gaia Hypothesis, which looks at Earth as a self-regulated complex system.

Markus Hofer “Visuelle Hypothese” – an exhibition @ AAA project space of MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna
MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna (AT)

The focus of Markus Hofer’s exhibition “Visuelle Hypothese” is the process of visual perception, in which our brain is supplied with information about objects visible in space through the retinal and optic nerve, and compares them objects to remembered and memorized objects. It is only by matching our memory to what we have seen that we can recognize an object and determine its function.