Vertigo Bird 2020 - Climb onto the highest chimney in Europe (360° view)

Climb onto the highest point of our past to see the future. The 360-metre structure is part of the Trbovlje Power Station.

Digital Drag 
Jeremy Bailey (US) 

Face filters are widely used. In the last months we have been online in front of the camera more than ever. The question is what face-filter to wear. Choose fabulous looks using the latest tools tips and tricks to augment reality Transgress and queer your identity, become a digital drag unicorn or whatever Nxt you can imagine. Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey will fly you through step by step to create and perfect your own AR look, so you can stand out from the crowd at your upcoming zoom party or corporate webinar. Let’s all become famous new media artists! 

Within a Latent Space

Entirely realized though AI systems, "Within a Latent Space" is an AV performance about exploring past, present and future as it relates to our constant journey between our transpersonal psyches and non-human unconscious. A Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) was trained on an original plot based on a dataset composed by multiple transcriptions of dreams.  AI-generated images and sound interpret than those words, disclosing an eerie, uncanny journey into our common deepest.

(In)audible Valparaiso
Paul Hernández (CL), Marcelo Raffo (CL), Fabián Villalobos (CL), Verónica Francés (ES)

Documentary premiere followed by a talk: A brief excursion to Valparaiso streets that is shaped as an essay-documentary. This 30-minute film shows the city from the perspective of sound and silence, aiming to narrate us part of a hidden history, starting from missing or absent sounds that have disappeared by the passing of time and also, recently, due to confinement.

The Art of Doubt
Matteo Lonardi, Velasco Vitali, Michel Reilhac, Marco Faini

Doubt has played a critical role in both society and art, since the time of the renaissance, when it first entered the public sphere as a distinct concept. Ca’ Foscari University of Venice researcher Marco Faini will explain the concept of doubt, while Matteo Lonardi, Francesco Lonardi, and Velasco Vitali will speak about the role of doubt in the artistic process from Leonardi Da Vinci to contemporary artists.

Earth Water Sky Artist Residency
Haseeb Ahmed (US)

2020 Earth Water Sky artist in residence Haseeb Ahmed (Sky) will present his film “The Wind Egg” and discuss his body of work, notably on particulates and the particular narratives carried by the wind, which is also the subject of his residency at Science Gallery Venice. The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session open to the public, moderated by residency producer/curator Ariane Koek.

Sebastian Wolf (DE)

lovesmenot is part of an ongoing series of automata exploring our relationship with machines and the absurdity of over-automation. In this work, a machine plucks the petals of a daisy one by one, looking for answers to a question that will never be revealed to the observer. It hereby imitates a typically human action, a rite of sorts that usually attains its meaning solely through the human element. The machine does not serve anyone but itself, the answers obtained are never revealed.

Still There
Marlene Reischl (AT)

"Still There" is a video installation dealing with irritation as a state. Manipulated through Frame Blending, the computer transforms the images it has been given to generate new intermediate ones by itself.

Domas Schwarz (AT)

“Derotation” is an installation about a looping video of a windmill shown on a screen rotating at the same speed in the opposite direction. The movement of a wind wheel, known for generating electricity, is visually stopped and derotated by the motion of a motor, known for consuming energy. Two different aims lead to a standstill: another instance of power wastage in media art?

AI x MUSIC FESTIVAL Opening Ceremony
The Grid (US/EU), Gray Area (US), Codame (US), ZERO1 (US), MUTEK.SF (US), EUNIC Silicon Valley (US), EUNIC Washington DC (US), EUNIC New York (US), Ars Electronica AIxMusic Festival (AT), STARTS, European Commission (EU), Center for Humane Technology (US), Salesforce (US)

Your guide through the AIxMUSIC FESTIVAL Opening Ceremony with Livestream.

THE WILD STATE: State of Intimacy
Fabrizio Lamoncha Martinez (ES)

This unique exhibition reflects, in many respects, the diversity of the international Interface Cultures students group. Many of the students’ art and technology projects seem to encourage us to consider new collective values. We hope you’ll be inspired and alerted by their intimate, artistic, socially engaged, technical informed or critical views on our life over the last half year.

THE WILD STATE: Sound Campus
Enrique Tomás (ES)

Sound Campus is a new program especially oriented towards examining the state of experimental sound practices at universities and research centers. It opens a possibility for students and researchers to present new forms of understanding sonic art to the big audience of Ars Electronica Festival. This year’s program, curated by Enrique Tomás, presents uneasy sound performances resonating in the face of a critical present. Intrusive music touching us despite lockdowns.

Julia Nüßlein (DE), Davide Bevilacqua (IT)

The exhibition “The Wild State: networked” seeks to leave the state of uncertainty behind us by bringing some of the most recent and interesting contributions to the Hauptplatz in Linz. We are delighted to present works by Master and PhD-students, touching on topics related to the truly “Wild State” we are currently in, and the natural processes related to it. – A tour through the exhibition with the curators Julia Nüßlein (DE) and Davide Bevilacqua (IT)

Ars Electronica Export - Tour and Networking

Ars Electronica Export is travelling to Nikosia (RISE), Dresden (Hygienemuseum), Esch-sur-Alzette (Cultural Capital2022) and San Sebastian (Tabakalera) to talk about the collaboration and projects not only we can see during Ars Electronica Festival 2020.

Expert Tour: Technology and Uncertainty with a glass of wine
Maurice Benayoun Olga Vad & Helena Nikolone, Bohdan Shumylovych

This tour is dedicated to the theme of Technology and Uncertainty, which are one of the concise, red threads running through this year's Ars Electronica Festival. Together with project coordinator Manuela Hillmann, you'll get a detailed look at it through the organizers of selected online gardens. We will start with a glass of wine at a wine tasting party in Hong Kong and look ahead to Moscow and Lviv. You'll explore a wide variety of approaches to this theme and be surprised at the variety of ways in which it can be illuminated from artistic, scientific and social perspectives.

The Woman-Machine
le lieu unique (FR)

The Woman-Machine is a two-day event on the main stage of le lieu unique. In response to La Mettrie (and Kraftwerk) le lieu unique invites artists, scientists and performers to discuss the relationship between AIs and gender, robots and feminism, machine learning and the world after the pandemic.

Exposed Building
Michael Roland (AT), Michael Mayr (AT), Robert Holzinger (AT), Markus Vogl (AT)

By opening a maintenance hatch and hacking into the network infrastructure behind it, we acquire access to the electronic locking system. By controlling the buzzers built into the office door locks, we transform the Science Park 2 building into an orchestra and it resounds like a huge walk-in instrument. The installation playfully provokes thought about the vulnerability of modern technology and its growing risks for society.

CONTAIN - Mobile COVID19 Emergency Testing Facilities
Open Cell (UK)

CONTAIN units are rapidly deployable COVID-19 testing laboratories housed in shipping containers. The design allows transportation to any location through standard shipping services. Automated RT-qPCR protocols can deliver 2,400 tests per unit in 24 hours.

The Transparency of Randomness
Mathias Gartner (AT), Vera Tolazzi (AT)

"The Transparency of Randomness" is an interactive installation that provides insight into the world of randomness. Random numbers are continuously generated through a transparent dice system, to be used as the basis for real-time calculations and visualizations. Through its use of diverse materials, the process is influenced by the complexity of nature.

Digital Government in a Box
LIT Law Lab, Johannes Kepler University (AT)

From the “transparent citizen” and “social scoring” to AI-supported truth finding in the courtroom and machine-generated administrative notices: the digitization of administration and jurisdiction has many facets. It requires not only a consideration of what is technically possible, but also of what is legally permissible and what is desired in terms of legal policy. Against this background, the LIT Law Lab has two installations dedicated to the legal framework conditions (fundamental rights and data protection), problems and proposed solutions for a digitized enforcement.