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Garden of Third Life​

Korea National University of Arts (KR)

Ars Electronica Garden Seoul metaphorizes Seoul’s natural, social and technological environment as a garden, human-made nature in the overall sense. We focus on the future garden we’ll have in the era of Third Life, where reality and virtual integrate. Through various programs such as conference, online exhibition, performance, workshops and research on Seoul’s urban garden in Mozilla Hubs, we experiment with the possibility of coexistence between humans, nature and digital networks.

Garden of Third Life​

At the end of the 20th century, South Korean cities demonstrated two distinct characteristics. First, the cities were transformed into a sea of apartment complexes. Second, high-speed Internet and digital technology became ubiquitous, which resulted in the creation of unique online communities. The former focuses on the collective and is a physical space, whereas the latter is more fragmented and virtual. Several cities of the world are similarly structured; however, South Korean cities in particular seem to naturally balance the tangible world with its more flexible virtual counterpart. We dream of a city of the future––an epic Smart City where these two spaces harmoniously coexist. The Garden of Third Life is a practical and metaphorical concept that explores what life is like during this pandemic. If the “First Life” is the physical world we live in and the “Second Life” is the virtual, synthetic world, the “Third Life” is where both elements exist together, and through their interaction, disintegrate barriers by adding virtual aspects to real life and real aspects to the virtual one, and facilitate living within that intersection. The Third Life concept emphasizes that embracing ecology and technology is no longer optional, but an inevitable part of our lives, a part of our fate. In response, Korea National University of Arts presents the theme Garden of Third Life which is a practical and metaphoric concept that imagines future human ecology, while simultaneously undertaking a serious reflection on technology.

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

​Project director: Dongyeon Lee (KR)
Hosted by Korea National University of Arts
Organized by Art Collider Lab
Communication and Project Management: Dayoung Lee (KR), Hana Yun (KR)
Third Garden
Participating artists: Participating artists: Arrddon (KR), Hyun Cho (KR), Eunkyo Kang (KR), DUDO WAVE(Duruphil+DoiDoi) (KR), WONWOORI (KR), Dongjoon Park (KR)
Participating education program: A&T education program [Faculty : Chungyeon Cho (KR)] Project One(Jeongho Lee (KR), Yoochae Hwang (KR), Jisun Nam (KR), Hyunjoon Joo (KR)), Juicy Mosquito(Yeonseo Cha (KR), Youngmyoung Cho (KR), Eunjun Kim (KR)), F(J)=X(Jungah Lee (KR), Daeun Joo (KR), Minjung Park (KR)) [Faculty : Youngju Kim (KR)] Hyunjung Yoon (KR), Daeun Joo (KR), Ysol (KR), Chaeyeon Kang (KR), Dahyun Yang (KR), Hyeonji Lim (KR), Sohyun Kim (KR)
Design: pa-i-ka
Web Development of Third Garden: Loopntale Studio (Youngju Kim (KR) & Hoyoun Cho (KR)), Mingyu Kim (KR), Jinoon Choi (KR), jiyeon kim (KR)
Garden of Third Life
Faculty: Heahyun Cheon(KR), Chungyean Cho(KR), Martin Honzik(AT), Hyunseok Kang(KR), Bongryeol Kim(KR), Buhmsoon Park (KR), Soyo Lee(KR), Dongyeon Lee(KR), Kwangsuk Lee(KR), Eunseon Park(KR), Hanbyul Shim(KR), Wonjoon Yoo(KR)
Two Hands
Art Director: Kyunghwa Yu (KR)
Visual Director: Pungyoun Cho (KR)
New Media Director: Seongouk Kim (KR)
Musicians: Janggu & Chulhyungeum_Kyung-Hwa Yu (KR), JC Curve_contrabass (KR), Jeehyun Kim_keyboard, sound design (KR), Bumtae Park_gut (KR), Sunghoon Park_gut (KR)
Seoul Garden
Creator: Aïsha Noomi Stief (DE)
Assistant Researcher: Subin Lee (KR)
3D Modeling: Cornelius Hussing (DE)
Web Gardening
Presenters: Daechan Huh (KR), Youngju Kim (KR), Eunji Kim (KR), Guhong Min (KR), Dongjoon Park (KR), WONWOORI (KR)


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