How to Create and Sell an Nft From a Digital Art Piece
Luca Ambrosini, Giuliano Gremlich

In this onsite and online laboratory participants will be guided step by step and will create in less than 60 minutes their first NFT.

Garden of … knowledge for humanity
Ars Electronica Research Institute “knowledge for humanity (k4h+)”

This work focuses on the following three core areas of the recently funded Ars Electronica Research Institute “knowledge for humanity (k4h+)”: Digital Humanism and critical reflections on technology; Knowledge for Emergency - COVID19 related experiments and interactions, Academic Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals. This series of diverse interactions of various formats is designed uniquely for Ars Electronica Festival 2021 and curated by Eveline Wandl-Vogt. You are invited on a journey of discovery, aiming to drive social innovation-based activism and critically reflect on what we call “intelligence” (artificial and human alike), where you can join k4h+’s learning journey in a community of purpose.


The Re-FREAM Garden shows collaborative research projects where selected artists and designers teamed up with a community of scientists and technologists to rethink the manufacturing process of the fashion industry.

Data Tour d'Italie
Sineglossa (IT), Umanesimo Artificiale (IT)

Data Tour d’Italie, curated by Federico Bomba and Filippo Rosati, is a network and a project studyingdata and the environment. It connects cultural and scientific research centers from different Italian geographical areas: mountains, cities, islands, and seaside towns. The Garden presents the results of four artistic residencies, each one related to a specific environmental challenge that emerged from data collection and analysis

Abuja Ars Garden 2021
Arojah Royal Theatre (NG), Assitej Nigeria (NG), Mambaah Cafe (NG)

The Abuja ARS Garden 2021 is a garden of exploration, featuring storytelling, gaming, and writing exercises.

Fair Tech and Virtual Fun
IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] (NL)

Welcome to the Fair Tech and Virtual Fun: the Utrecht Garden by IMPAKT. We focus on two themes this year: in the CODE presentations and keynote by Francesca Bria we focus on Fair Tech and Digital Agency. In our workshops and online Bal Masqué party we use Zoom as a playground for virtual VJ-ing and digital dress parties with masks and filters.

Animating Public Spaces
Anibar (XK), Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla (XK)

The Anibar International Animation Festival and Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla will animate its public spaces and bring them to the world through different means.

XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble) (US), Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery (US)

The Ars Electronica Festival Garden NYC is “A Portal” that invites the audience to explore a world of immersive art, new technology and interactive performances. The festival reflects on the technological promises made to us and tries to rethink the foundations of the digital world to reconcile it with our current reality and to explore it as it intersects with culture and society.

Uncanny Dream
Helena Nikonole (RU), Oxana Chvyakina (RU)

The “Uncanny Dream” is an exhibition focused on how young Russian artists and digital natives, explore the impact of new technologies such as AI, AR and video games on art, culture and society. The project brings together artworks reflecting on issues of the Coronacene epoch and addressing topics such as AI biases, different forms of biopolitics as a response to the COVID-19 crisis, and social isolation and loneliness in times of pandemic.

Ars Electronica .ART Gallery
.ART (UK), VR-All-Art (CH)

Working together with selected partners and through an open call, creates space for playful reflections on the creation of virtual environments, with an accompanying series of talks about performance and the use of blockchain in art and gaming.