Ars Electronica UK Garden

In the Invisible Garden – where the magic happens…

University for the Creative Arts (GB)

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The UK Garden draws inspiration from the book In the Invisible Garden by Valerie Picard about a city girl, Arianne, who travels to the countryside for her grandma’s birthday. The despondent child sits alone among the chattering adults until one of the grownups suggests for her to play in grandma’s garden. Thus, Arianne goes outside, where a small stone draws her attention to a cluster of swarming insects. The insects are immense as they soar above the mountaintops — or is Arianne perhaps minuscule? She discovers the vast freedom of her imagination. How far can one’s imagination reach? For artists working at the intersection of art, science and technology, it is sometimes the smallest detail that sparks wonder, the unnoticeable conceptual design processes, or even the use of novel science and technology tools. The imagination of artists collaborating with scientists or technology experts is free like that of a child in an unexplored garden full of exotic new possibilities – this is where the magic happens…


Art in Flux (GB), BOM (GB), Collusion (GB), Computer Arts Society (GB), EVA London – Visualising Music (GB), National Gallery X (GB), University for the Creative Arts (GB), York Mediale (GB)