XR Obsession
Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Po-Yu Wang (TW), Billy Chiang (TW)

XR OBSESSION (Extended Reality) integrates a live element with augmented, virtual, and mixed realities to mesmerize the audience. It is a performing, conceptual, kinetic, digital, video, abstract, and performance art. It vividly traverses the history, art, and natural beauty of Taiwan through time and space. Dynamic volumetric capture fuses with 3D animation. A live performance blends with AR/VR realms and is projected on a large LED wall for all to enjoy a new exciting immersive XR experience. Is it chaos or obsession? Someone searches for her thousands of times, from the mountains and out to sea; seeing mountains that are not mountains and bodies of water that are not water.

CyberArts 2021: Computer Animation

Alle animierten Bilder, wie handgefertigt sie auch sein mögen, werden heutzutage im Produktions- oder Vertriebsprozess digital und damit zur „Computeranimation“. Es geht in dieser Kategorie daher darum zu hinterfragen, inwiefern sie als Kommunikationstool funktionieren und welche Erfahrungen sie den Betrachter:innen ermöglichen, wobei die Bandbreite von abstrakten Werken, Musikvideos, Essayfilmen, Charakteranimationen über Datenvisualisierungen und Rauminstallationen bis zu Virtuellen Realitäten (VR, AR und MR) reicht.

IMPAKT Workshop: Face and body filters
Yun Lee and Jonathan Reus, from iii, instrumentinventors.org, The Hague (NL)

Use filters like a pro and get ready for the Bal Masqué. With the use of software like Zoom, OBS and Snap Camera, we can create our own virtual backgrounds, digital masks, video compilations and even perform live coding and VJ sets. In this workshop we delve into the colorful world of filters, guided by performing artists Yun Lee and Jonathan Reus from iii.

Technology and the Challenge of Education
Pedro Cruz Rivera, José David Torres Quiñones, Jorge Valentine

This webinar series takes a closer look at the importance of democratizing technological tools and the practical applications of technology in education. Computer Vision is one of the most important subsets of Machine Learning (ML) and it is the technology that powers Augmented Reality (AR) filters, among other things. Another technological tool that is becoming more accessible to the general public is Virtual Reality (VR).

Tumor Evolution in Extended Reality (XR)
Network! (NZ), arc/sec Lab (NZ), Centre for eResearch (NZ)

The exhibition is a digital, social and spatial environment that immerses users from a range of backgrounds (clinical, biological, and technical) deeply in the data.

Uncanny Dream
Fedor Balashov aka wasdswag (RU), Katya Galitskaya (RU), Mitry Grankov (RU), Gray Cake (Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko) (RU), Anastasia Koroleva (RU), Yuliya Kozhemyako aka supr (RU), Eugene Kruglov (RU), Ivan Netkachev (RU), Nika Peshekhonova (RU), Alexey Ryabov (RU), Pavel Seldemirov (RU), Vladimir Sheshak (RU), Anna Shustikova (RU), Roman Solodkov (RU), Xenia Obukhovskaya (RU)

The “Uncanny Dream” is an exhibition focused on how young Russian artists, as digital natives, explore the impact of new technologies such as AI, AR and video games on art, culture and society. The project unites artworks reflecting on issues of the Coronacene epoch.

Project presentation: Start a Reaction
Robert Pierce (US), Elise Butterfield (US), Taylor Shuck (US), Maysam Al-Ani (US)

This presentation by artists and curators Robert Pierce, Elise Butterfield, Taylor Shuck, and Maysam Al-Ani will feature documentation of the performance and AR works made as part of the Start a Reaction project, an anti-nukes art and technology campaign. Additionally, an overview of the project’s intentions, significance, and history of the threat of nuclear weapons.

Yu-Chin Lin (TW), Yun-Zhen Zhong (TW), Yu-Tzu Wang (TW), Yu-Ting Tseng (TW) & Yong-Han Huang (TW)

ARrow is an Augmented Reality app that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Not only can participants paint randomly in the virtual world, they can also connect with scenery and people in real life through the GPS and camera of their phone. We have eased the feeling of distance produced by the use of mobile devices in the fast-food generation. Participants, pick up your paintbrushes! Spread your sketches across the huge canvas no matter where you are. Spread it, bloom it! ARrow invites you to show your pictures in Hsinchu-Taipei garden.

Yu-Xuan Lin (TW), Ching-Chi Chiang (TW), Yu-Chin Lin (TW), Yun-Zhen Zhong (TW), Ting-Yu Hsieh (TW), I-Hsuan Lin (TW), Yi-Wun Wang (TW), I-Chin Fang (TW), Zhin-Wei Li (TW), Yin-Chi Huang (TW), Yueh Huang (TW), Yi-Xin Huang (TW), Yu-Tzu Wang (TW), Ze-Wei Lin (TW), Ling Chien Jian (TW), Hsin-Tze Huang (TW), Da-Yo Luo (TW), Ho-Hsuan Hsiao (TW), Shao-En Hsu (TW), Yang Che Hong (TW), En Tse Chen (TW), Yi - Hsuan Wang (TW), Yu-Ting Tseng (TW), Yu Chen Chien (TW), Shih-Ting Lin (TW), Yong-Han Huang (TW), Huginn C. (HK), Pin-Miao Lin (CN) & Yi-Lian Wu (TW)

The experimental project consists of five new media artworks. Through interactive installation, augmented reality, immersive theater, urban action and more. We have constructed a hypothetical planning area to examine the meaning of physical and psychological distance as fast-food generation, in its present state: In the rapid flow of information, from basic physical necessities to spiritual dependences, there is nothing that the contemporary person cannot expeditiously obtain.

Renaissance 2.0
Valerie Wolf Gang (SI), Miha Godec (SI)

Have we lost our touch but gained new awareness? What is the impact of the Artificial Intelligence on Life? What will the hybridization of Life and Artificial Intelligence mean for us? These are just some of the questions that are posed in the work by two alumni of the School of Arts, Valerie Wolf Gang and Miha Godec.