ALMA Observatory and Fundación Mustakis (CL)

By considering the extreme weather conditions in the Atacama Desert alongside ALMA Observatory, located at more than 5000 metres above sea level, the garden uses the notion of ‘landscape’ in the context of the digital world to rethink how we understand the concept under the influence of the digital revolution.

Sustainable Futures & New Pathways to Innovation

Sustainable Futures & New Pathways to Innovation is an interactive online experience that explores three concrete challenges tackled by artists who have participated in S+T+ARTS across three thematic areas: Tangible Data, Sustainable Futures and Navigating the Digital Realm.

Journey - Extractivism: Operations and Practices
Universidad Austral de Chile, Faculty of Architecture and Arts (CL), Institute of Visual Arts, Galería Réplica (CL)

The Journey "Extractivism: Operations and Practices" gives an impression of the Valdivia Garden.

Talking About Landscape in the 21st Century
Samuel Domínguez (CL), Leonor Merín (ES), Alicia Pedroso (CL), Valeria Foncea (CL), Diego Lara Koenig (CL), Sergio Martín (ES)

We are presenting a web-learning platform that gathers more than 50 references about our contemporary understanding of landscape. At the behest of Fundación Mustakis, this project was co-curated by Diego Lara Koenig (CL), with Sergio Martín (ES), invited by ALMA Observatory. The live video, with digital modelling and animation by Ming Rang Bai, will be broadcast during the festival.

Prix Forum: Im/Material Infrastructures
Samaneh Moafi / Forensic Architecture (FA), masharu (NL/RU), tranxxeno lab / Adriana Knouf, PhD (US), Jens Hauser (DE/FR/DK)

Das Prix Forum – Artificial Intelligence & Life Art ist eine offene Diskussion zwischen den drei PreisträgerInnen des Prix Ars Electronica 2021 und der Jury.

Forensic Architecture Workshop: Open-source investigations for Human Rights
Omar Ferwati (EG), Forensic Architecture (INT)

Forensic Architecture is a research agency that uses architectural and media analysis to investigate human rights violations. This workshop is an introduction to investigatory techniques and principles used by Forensic Architecture including open-source research, spatial analysis, geolocation, verification, and media analysis through a series of short tutorials and tasks.

Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona – ESPRONCEDA EXPO
Solimán López (ES), Mohsen Hazrati (IR), Mila Moleman (NL), Sammie de Vries (NL), Zalán Szakács (NL), Lucía Redondo Rubio (ES), Mathieu Preux (FR), Clea T. Waite (US), Jared Christopher Kelley (US), Max Orozco (US), Anirudhan Iyengar (AT), Dominic Schwab (DE), Helvijs Savickis (LV), Julia Obleitner (AT), Nuño de la Serna Vicente (ES/DE)

ESPRONCEDA - Institute of Art & Culture, following its mission of international cooperation and creation of innovation synergies, participates for the second consecutive year in Ars Electronica Gardens, with an exhibition proposal that is based on two concepts, first in the challenge of the Festival: exploring new formats accessible and interactive digital platforms that create inclusive participation in an entertaining and attractive way, and second in the vision of New European Bauhaus, an initiative of which Espronceda is an official partner and that wants to generate more artistic, sustainable and inclusive forms of coexistence.

PolySocial Project Exhibition
Bartlett School of Architecture Design for Performance and Interaction Students 2020-2021

A student project exhibition showcasing MArch Design for Performance and Interaction work in progress. A physical exhibition housed in an East London venue, projects will also be made accessible online as a narrated walk-through which will be live streamed on various platforms.

Garden Aotearoa Exhibition
Garden Aotearoa (NZ)

The Garden Aotearoa Exhibition showcases over 20 projects from New Zealand’s artists, musicians, scientists and researchers in the form of prototypical installations, performances and talks.

Proximal Fields
Joel Ong (CA), Elaine Whittaker (CA), Nina Czegledy (CA), Roberta Buiani (CA), Kavi (LV/CA), this event is organised by LASER Toronto (CA)

The Fields Institute was closed to the public for a long time, but it has not been empty. Peculiar sounds and intriguing silences, the flows of the few individuals and janitors occasionally visiting the building made it surprisingly lively. Microorganisms, dust specs and other invisible guests populated the space undisturbed while the humans were away. The building is alive, and the artists created site-specific installations to reflect this condition.