Performance 'New Ritual'
SaaWee: Sita Chay(KR), Jihye Kim(KR), Insoo Park(KR)

'New Ritual' is a spiritual performance that combines Korean shamanic rhythms, traditional mask dance, and modern musical language to embrace humanity and heal the wounds of modern society. The performance has five sections and begins with an entry into an artistic spiritual trance through counterclockwise motion.

What The Hunter Saw
Makinde Adeniran (NG), Jerry Adesewo (NG)

The Abuja ARS Garden will also feature a premiere of What the Hunter Saw, a play by Makinde Adeniran, directed by Adesewo Fayaman Bay will be part of our offerings during the festival. Hunter Sho is the lead character in What the Hunter Saw, a character which depicts the personality of one of the world’s greatest literary giants of all time, Nigeria’s Professor Wole Soyinka.

Women in Arts

The Abuja ARS Garden is an evening of literary renditions and talks, participants are welcome to join us via zoom or YouTube and are welcome to drop their comments or participate live in the talk session where we'll be discussing Women in Media Arts. The Abuja ARS Garden 2021 is an evening of literary performances dedicated to Women in the Arts in Nigeria, particularly in the City of Abuja located in central Nigeria.

Chuli HERRERA 2020-2021

My painting is indebted to the great masters of painting who have had an impact on visual memory and collective culture. In this sense, social networks are a repository in which the visual culture of our time is poured out in real-time.

Education Conference: Open Education Resources for Critical and Creative Thinking
Creative School (INT), Pier Giacomo Sola (IT), Andrew Newman (AU/AT), Jo-Anne Sunderland Bowe (UK), Deborah Hustic (HR)

Im Rahmen des Projekts Creative School werden Lernmodule für Kinder und LehrerInnen entwickelt, die selbstgesteuertes Lernen sowie kritisches und visuelles Denken fördern, indem sie Inhalte des kulturellen Erbes nutzen, die von den Partnerorganisationen in Europa zur Verfügung gestellt werden. In diesem Panel werden einige der im Rahmen des Projekts entwickelten offenen Bildungsressourcen vorgestellt.

Social Transformations in a Digital World
Moderator: Johnny Lugo Vega, PhD (PR), Shirley McPhaul MA, PRSTRT-CHIP (PR)

This webinar series explores how technology access has a concrete (and potential) social transformative effect when applied to cultural heritage conservation and cultural production. When it comes to cultural heritage conservation, the decaying infrastructure of historic buildings is a real problem, even more so in rural areas. It is clear that digital tools facilitate cultural heritage preservation for future generations.

Digital Innovation in Cultural Heritage and Art Studies
Alitza Cardona Collazo - PR - Speaker, Irene Esteves Amador - PR - Speaker, Antonio Martínez Collazo - PR - Speaker

This Webinar Series presents different documentation approaches and methods using digital technologies for cultural heritage conservation and preservation.

Luz A. Crespo Valentín (PR), Brad Dean (PR), Johnny Lugo Vega (PR)

As part of our approach to this year’s theme, A New Digital Deal, we want to showcase the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust’s mission to apply digital technology, innovation and research to resolve the social challenges that afflict Puerto Rican communities.

The Song - Live performance
Charles Koroneho (NZ) Te Toki Haruru

“The Song” is a performance of poetic retrieval, a moment in time capturing the lives, voices and bodies of tribal artists living in 1950 -70’s New Zealand.

Claudia Müller (CL), Elisa Balmaceda (CL), Etienne de France (FR), Gregorio Fontén (CL), Marcos Sánchez (CL)

The virtual journey this audiovisual exhibition sets us on – flowing down from the sky, onto the middle-layer forest, exploring the insides of trees, down to their roots and into the bodies of water, to finalize in an exploration of new forms of future natural elements – is a combination of visions.