Creators Economy: Unlocking the NFT potential
Ulvi Kasimov, Fabin Rasheed, Vitomir Jevremovic; Moderator: Aleksandra Artamonovskaja

Creators economy: unlocking the NFT potential panel focuses on the use of NFTs in Art... - Welcome to the Exhibition
Yana Kuzmina, Aleksandra Artamonovskaja, Alexey Severin, Igor Golyak, Anica Zivaljevic

Enter the Metaverse: the use of NFTs in Art and Gaming... Exhibition
.ART, Vr-All-Art, Ars Electronica features curated pavilions and an exhibition of digital artists selected through an open call.

Un suono in estinzione Guided Tour
Pablo Bes Alonso

In this guided tour, we are going to present one of the projects curated by Filippo Rosati from Garden Bologna as a premier. The project that we are going to present is Un suono in estinzione, art & science project aimed at monitoring climate change implications on alpine glaciers through an artistic exploration.

Liane Décary-Chen (CA) | Marina Díez Pereiro (ES/GB) | Moderator: Sara Lisa Vogl (DE/CA)

Initiated in 2020 by Sara Lisa Vogl, VR expert, artist and co-founder of Women in Immersive Tech Europe, and Goethe-Institut Montreal, these network meetings aim to highlight and virtually connect women and gender-marginalized people from Europe and North America working in the creative industries and around immersive technologies to create new international connections and foster potential cooperation.

Beauty of Taiwan - World Premier | The Hidden Gems
Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Yu-Chiou Tchen (TW), Kuo-Hao Wang (TW)

Taiwan stands out from bodies of water like a hidden emerald, rich and brilliant like a diamond. Once it was called Formosa by the Portuguese (1542), meaning beautiful island. Taiwan’s natural and cultural evolution developed over a short period of time. Through Eastern, Western, and Austronesian multi-cultural influences and hardship, and through enduring extreme natural elements; Taiwanese tenacity, flexibility, courageousness, grit, and spirited enthusiasm are formed.

Sound of Taiwan | Taiwan Contemporary Compositions
Yu-Chiou Tchen (TW), Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Gordon Chin (TW), Nan-Chang Chien (TW), Günther Herbig (DE), Wen- Pin Chien (TW), National Symphony Orchestra (TW)

Sound of Taiwan: Today's creations become tomorrow's cultural assets! Diverse styles showcase Taiwanese creativity. The Sound of Taiwan concert was a world premiere of two locally made compositions: Gordon Chin’s Piano Concerto No.1 and Nan-Chang Chien’s Symphony No. 4. The two compositions were debuted with: conductors Günther Herbig and Wen-Pin Chien and performed by pianist Chia-Hui Lu along-side the NSO. The concert is a milestone achievement in the continued development of Taiwan culture.

XR Obsession
Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Po-Yu Wang (TW), Billy Chiang (TW)

XR OBSESSION (Extended Reality) integrates a live element with augmented, virtual, and mixed realities to mesmerize the audience. It is a performing, conceptual, kinetic, digital, video, abstract, and performance art. It vividly traverses the history, art, and natural beauty of Taiwan through time and space. Dynamic volumetric capture fuses with 3D animation. A live performance blends with AR/VR realms and is projected on a large LED wall for all to enjoy a new exciting immersive XR experience. Is it chaos or obsession? Someone searches for her thousands of times, from the mountains and out to sea; seeing mountains that are not mountains and bodies of water that are not water.

Yu-Chiou Tchen (TW), Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Chieh-Hua Hsieh (TW), Li-Chuan Lin (TW), Akibo Lee (TW), Po-Yu Wang (TW), Billy Chang (TW), Li-En Hsu (TW), Jia-Hong Chen (TW), Shu-Yu Tsai (TW)

SAYION consists of three acts to describe the complexities of various generations: Search, Obsession, and Death. Lost in a maze and in pursuit amid a varicolored world, reality and fantasy shift and interweave to create a magical realm. With 720-degree VR positioning and a 3D real-time motion capture system responding to suspension equipment, dancers break free from the spatial limitations and frame of the stage. Brilliant colors captivate the audience, creating a unique sensory experience! During Japanese rule (WWII), Sayion's (17yr old TW Austronesian girl) death was manipulated and glorified with songs, paintings and movies to promote patriotism.

Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Vick Wang (TW), Suet-Er Hee (TW), Sara Hsiao (TW), Gian Lee (TW), Wei-Che Hung (TW)

AMORE is an avant-garde production created to elevate the artistry of performing, conceptual, kinetic, digital, video, and abstract art. Paul Chiang's paintings are the foundation from which 3D animation techniques catalyze the art to life. Through the combination of intense piano repertoires, multimedia technology, contemporary and abstract moving art, diverse styles are revealed to present a dramatic music-based performing art that is a banquet for the senses. Of all the emotions, the most seductive and touching is Love. Love is my muse and is the most inspirational and greatest charm of all time.