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Creators Economy: Unlocking the NFT potential

Ulvi Kasimov, Fabin Rasheed, Vitomir Jevremovic; Moderator: Aleksandra Artamonovskaja

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Creators economy: unlocking the NFT potential panel focuses on the use of NFTs in Art with a deeper look at the legal underpinnings, royalties and licensing. A timely discussion as the blockchain ecosystem for digital assets is reaching its tipping point with companies such as Visa buying NFTs for their corporate collections.


Ulvi Kasimov, .ART Founder: In 2016 Kasimov and his London based company UKCI launched .art domain, the world’s only top-level domain designed for those who live and breathe art. Dedicated to the support of culture in a variety of forms, .ART empowers members of the art community to make strong statements in the online space.

Aleksandra Artamonovskaja is .ART Head of Partnerships, curator, advisor and NFT art consultant. For the last five years she has worked at the intersection of art and technology bringing innovative projects to widen the understanding of this space.

Vitomir Jevremovic – Founder VR-All-Art Founder and CEO of Digital Mind and VR-All-Art companies with a background in both development and business. He has been creating VR, AR, web and mobile apps in the fields of marketing, culture, and education. He has worked and authored projects for brands such as UBS Bank, BMW, SAP, AMD, Heineken, Nescafe, Mercedes Benz, Philip Morris, etc. Authored one of the first VR museums – VR museum of Nikola Tesla. He has a degree in archeology and a passion for digital communication, museums and arts.

Fabin Rasheed – Artist and Creative Technologist Fabin Rasheed is an Artist, Designer, Innovator and Technologist working in the intersection of Creativity and Technology. He holds a Masters Degree in Design from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. Fabin’s works revolve around either creating tools for creativity or using technology to augment creativity and make art. His works span a wide variety of technology like Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Gestures, Voice, Generative arts etc. His works have been featured in multiple international venues like the Florence Biennale (Florence, Italy), Ars Electronica Global Gallery, NeurIPS Creativity Gallery (Vancouver, Canada), Contemporary And Digital Art Fair (CADAF), CODAME Art-Tech Festival, Cueva Gallery, Raritan Gallery, Cobalt Gallery (Bangalore, India), Re.Work AI Summit (San Francisco, USA), etc. He also has 6+ patents and multiple publications in creativity and technology. His works have also been featured in national and international media like Mashable, Popular Science, SlashGear, BuzzFeed, Indian Express, Business Standard etc. In early 2021, he was selected as one of the top 10 global finalists at the Auria Awards, honoring Excellence in VR & AR Entertainment.


Fabin Rasheed – Artist and Creative Technologist
Moderator: Aleksandra Artamonovskaja, .ART Head of Partnerships
Vitomir Jevremovic – Founder VR-All-Art