Entangled Realities
Sebastian Pirch (AT), Norbert Unfug (AT), Christiane Hütter (AT), Jörg Menche (DE)

The human species is surrounded by networks. Interrelations shape our physical and digital environment, from airports and cityscapes to social or genetic interactions. An invisible body of connections is interwoven within our physical reality. The digital and physical shall form a symbiotic realm, visualized in a virtual world to be experienced by a human spectator. Through transitioning in between different environments, from urban networks to the human body, the Entangled Realities communicate the diversity of complex systems shaping our human habitat.

PRIX-Awards Ceremony

Die Preisverleihung ist die Chance, alle preisgekrönten Arbeiten und Gewinner*innen des Jahres gemeinsam zu sehen.

Open Creative Lab – Innovationshauptplatz
Florian Koppler (AT), Kathrin Obernhumer (AT), Ana Zuljevic (AT); Innovationshauptplatz / Michaela Feichtl (AT), Oliver Schrot (AT); Klimastabsstelle der Stadt Linz

Bal Masqué: EMAP Closing Party at Ars Electronica, organized by IMPAKT
European Media Art Platform (EMAP), IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture]

The Bal Masqué is a virtual club night: a corona-proof merger of an online dance battle, a digital masked ball and a multitude of VJ-sets. We will have many international partners and guests, since it is the closing party of the EMAP 2018-2021 program. You are all invited to wear your craziest digital masks and party with us.

Luz A. Crespo Valentín (PR), Brad Dean (PR), Johnny Lugo Vega (PR)

As part of our approach to this year’s theme, A New Digital Deal, we want to showcase the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust’s mission to apply digital technology, innovation and research to resolve the social challenges that afflict Puerto Rican communities.


Am Vorabend des Ars Electronica Festival besuchen wir bei einem Rundgang die zentralen Locations in der Linzer Innenstadt.

Garden AOTEAROA - Opening night
Uwe Rieger (DE/NZ), Marc Aurel Schnabel (DE/NZ), Tane Moleta (NZ), Yinan Liu (NZ)

Following a traditional pōwhiri (welcoming), the opening event brief overview of the development of digital expression, research and exploration in Aotearoa and will introduce the works of the 20 selected projects for Ars Electronica AOTEAROA.

Activations around Hybrid Creations
Mario Acha (DE), Irma Cabrera (PE), Raquel Garcia (PE), Teté Leguía (PE), Gonzalo Pflucker (PE), Anahí Soria (PE), Frank Soria (PE), Fabrizzio Yabar (PE), Sairah Espinoza (PE) and Almendra Otta (PE), Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI/ Alta Tecnología Andina – ATA

The project Hybrid Creations. Explorations and Exchange in Peruvian Audiovisual Media has as its correlate an event with face-to-face activations at the Museo de Arte de Lima - MALI, specifically on the second floor of the Palacio de la Exposición, a space that houses the museum's permanent collection.

Hybrid Creations
Mario Acha (DE), Irma Cabrera (PE), Rafael Hastings(PE), Giuliana Migliori (PE), Manongo Mujica (PE), Teté Leguía (PE), Gonzalo Pflucker (PE), Arturo Ruiz del Pozo (PE), Frank Soria (PE), Fabrizzio Yabar (PE), Krizia Zurita (PE), Sairah Espinoza (PE), Almendra Otta (PE), Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI/ Alta Tecnología Andina – ATA

Hybrid Creations will present an interdisciplinary and intergenerational perspective that brings together pioneering work from the 1970s through the 1990s, produced by young artists from different regions of the country who have developed video pieces since 2020.  

Modellboot LAB
Schiffsmodellbauclub „Titanic Linz“ (AT)

In diesem Open Lab können alle Generationen Modellboote mit verschiedenen Antrieben selbst bauen und gleich ausprobieren! Die begeisterten Modellbaufreunde des Linzer Modellschiffclubs "Titanic Linz" möchten die Faszination von Modellbau und Modellschiffen an junge Menschen weitergeben und gestalten eine Bastelstation.