HSE Garden Pavilion: Round Table
HSE University

Our round-table discussion will unite specialists in media history, semiotics of contemporary art, game studies, digital art and design — our goal will be to rethink perspectives of the online-based condition humaine.

The body company
Anastasia Arkhipova (RU), Kate Umnova (RU), Vasily Shikhachevsky (RU)

Anastasia Arkhipova works with 3D graphics and virtual fashion. In her artistic practice, Anastasia explores the subject of the human body. By creating vibrant characters and fantastic worlds Anastasia challenges the perception of difficult and taboo social topics.

The project 127715: Art created in The Sims 4
Diana Artemeva (RU), Kate Umnova (RU), Irina Rusakova (RU)

The project 127715: Art created in The Sims 4 consists of an in-game exhibition and a catalogue of works within it. The project suggests relocating sim paintings into the physical world and transferring game currency to dollars in order to create an experience of a simulated auction.

Everyday’s the same
Lana (RU), Fyodor Balashov (RU)

This game simulates world perception of a person with attention deficit disorder.

Sonic Portals
Gleb Yakushev (RU), Maria Karpovich (RU), Olga Zubova (RU), Leonid Kurashov (RU), Aleksander Senko (RU), Ekaterina Volkova (RU), Ivan Kalashnik (RU), Lana Tarvolaria (RU), Simona (RU), Steve Rocket (RU), Eva Reicher (RU)

Sonic Portals is a speculative digital environment, a matrix that presents sonic possible worlds made by students of HSE University (Sound Art & Sound Studies Department). Portals, having several meanings, can be perceived as an architectural entrance, a web-based platform, connecting different sources, a passage to different worlds, getting more mythological.

Snow Castles: The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Study while depressed
Yulia Krasova (RU), Alexey Ryumin (RU), Anna Novikova (RU)

This game allows users to release tension and frustration about their behavior in the face of approaching deadlines, final exams, and other causes for procrastination.

Alexa Zotova (RU), Kate Umnova (RU), Sergey Zakharov (RU)

"Transprivacy" is a speculative browser game exploring the ambiguous nature of social networks’ transparency. It also questions one’s ownership over their digital copy.

Xtal Castle
Katya Pravda (RU), Anna Novikova (RU), Yulia Yousma (RU), Alexey Ryumin (RU)

Katya Pravda’s art is viewer-oriented, it’s democratic. The parts this art is made of are a pleasure in themselves — flower petals, branches, stones, vegetables, mushrooms. But then vigorous intraframe editing jumps in the form of fake eyelash glue. The familiar is fading, giving way to the unknown.