Uncanny Dream
ildar iakubov, diana burkot, maksim silenkov

The participants of the multimedia performance Uncanny Dreams construct a disturbing image of an everyday global catastrophe, elements of which surround us during the third decade of the 21st century. Impressions of a persistent aggressive environment are assembled from multiple debris, visual images and sound patterns.

Uncanny Dream: Artist-talks with exhibition participants
Gray Cake (Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko) (RU), Mitry Grankov (RU)

Gray Cake (Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko) (RU) the “Dreams of the Machine” artists work with the phenomenon of AI and, starting from the concept of human consciousness, they ask the question of the existence of “algorithmic unconscious”. Mitry Grankov – “Art translator”. Using the phone camera, the translator is asked to “translate” real works of art from museum collections into different languages.

AI & art
Helena Nikonole (RU)

The lecture is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in an artistic context. Going through the projects of Uncanny Dream exhibition, we will explore three of possible approaches to Neural Networks in art: aesthetic, utopian and dystopian.

Open workshop “Lets play. Experiencing art games”
Anastasia Koroleva (RU), Nikita Prudnikov (RU), Katya Galitskaya (RU), Xenia Obukhovskaya (RU), Alexander Vetushinskiy (RU), Margarita Skomorokh (RU)

The workshop is organized as “Let’s play” sessions with artistic games creators, game studies scholars, theorists and philosophers. We will play video games presented in a context of the “Uncanny Dream” project and discuss the topics such as video game as artistic medium, art games mechanics etc.

Panel Discussion “Curating hybrid events. Ars Electronica 2021 experience”
Helena Nikonole (RU), Oxana Chvyakina (RU), Olga Vad (RU), Natalia Fedorova (RU), Olga Zubova (RU)

The panel is dedicated to the challenges of curating hybrid events in times of pandemic: Helena Nikonole, Oxana Chvyakina, Olga Vad, Natalia Fedorova and Olga Zubova will present their hybrid (online\offline) projects and share their curatorial experiences and perspectives.

Uncanny Dream: Artist-talks with exhibition participants
Anna Shustikova (RU), Roman Solodkov (RU), Ivan Netkachev (RU)

Anna Shustikova (RU) – You can touch, You can play "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. Through the experiments with much-talked-about CLIP (text-to-image) AI architecture, this project explores the biases around concepts of "beauty" and "femininity" within machine's male gaze. And other projects...

Uncanny Dream: Online Curatorial Tour
Helena Nikonole (RU), Oxana Chvyakina (RU)

Curators of the “Uncanny Dream” exhibition will present the project, introducing young Russian new media artists and sharing their curatorial perspectives on digital art in times of the pandemic.

Uncanny Dream
Fedor Balashov aka wasdswag (RU), Katya Galitskaya (RU), Mitry Grankov (RU), Gray Cake (Kate Pryanik, Sasha Serechenko) (RU), Anastasia Koroleva (RU), Yuliya Kozhemyako aka supr (RU), Eugene Kruglov (RU), Ivan Netkachev (RU), Nika Peshekhonova (RU), Alexey Ryabov (RU), Pavel Seldemirov (RU), Vladimir Sheshak (RU), Anna Shustikova (RU), Roman Solodkov (RU), Xenia Obukhovskaya (RU)

The “Uncanny Dream” is an exhibition focused on how young Russian artists, as digital natives, explore the impact of new technologies such as AI, AR and video games on art, culture and society. The project unites artworks reflecting on issues of the Coronacene epoch.