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art+science2021 AI Realities

Center for the Promotion of Science (RS)

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Belgrade Garden introduces the Festival audience to the sixth art+science edition of the Center for the Promotion of Science, which focuses on the creative and critical reading and analysis of AI-based systems, their value and their possibilities. As a current super-technology, AI shapes our environment and affects our decision-making on an unparalleled level. Thousands of researchers from different disciplines – math, linguistics, neuroscience, robotics, machine learning, among others – are constantly at work in its development, which rapidly alters our social and technological realities. These realities, in turn, can offer an intriguing and much needed framework for alternative interpretations, engagement and interventions that are, unfortunately, mainly outside the public’s scope and without wider visibility. The accelerated hyperproduction of content and the unrestrained proliferation of technology provide a false (societal) sentiment of fulfilment, as a result of which the questioning of numerous focal aspects and issues is actually omitted and dismissed. AI’s true valuation, recognition and critical assessment is therefore impeded. Belgrade Garden tries to act as a stage for the insightful discussion and inspired partnership of Austrian and international peers in all related fields. Through an open and facilitated dialogue – established on a Danube axis between Linz and Belgrade, and bringing in multiple linked points) – an exchange of knowledge, ideas and practices is fostered and made operational.


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Dobrivoje Lale Eric, Chief Selector, art+science
This Garden is part of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab (AI Lab) and is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.