Theme Exhibition


Ugo Dehaes (BE)

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Linz, In Kepler's Gardens, Mensa Keller

In the installation Arena the audience is invited to interact with 8 robots and to help them become better dancers. Ugo has been making dance performances for the last 20 years with a wide variety of dancers. Lately he shifted his focus to become a Choreographer of Things. Following the trend in other sectors, Ugo fired all of his dancers to replace them by robots. In this installation he uses artificial intelligence and the help of the audience to train his robots so that one day they will be able to create a dance performance all by themselves. To do this the audience can move robots around, vote on their movements or observe how they evolve.

“Forced Labor: Arena is a must-see for everyone who kicks on AI, interactive art, experimental dance and ethical questions!”



An installation by Ugo Dehaes Music Roeland Luyten Socles H[art]wood Production kwaad bloed Coproduction C-TAKT, Feikes Huis Amsterdam Thanks to Rebecca Flores, Gertjan Biasino, Marie Peeters and the AI Experience Center of VUB
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