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Sustainable and fairer Internet for everybody

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Linz, In Keplers Gardens

Branch is an online magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just internet for all. The internet is the world’s largest fossil fuel-powered machine. If we continue business-as-usual, the IT sector will be responsible for 14% of the world’s carbon emissions by 2040. We believe that the internet must instead serve our collective liberation and ecological sustainability. That’s why we created Branch magazine. The magazine is a space for personal reflection, critical engagement with technology, and experimentation. This is our small attempt to uplift fresh thinking for how to green the web technically, aesthetically, and politically. The articles strive to connect sustainability to root causes and to inequalities experienced at different intersections—gender, race, class, ability, and so on. Creating change requires all kinds of practices, so our contributors include climate activists, open source technologists, indigenous leaders, artists, energy scientists, and degrowth experts. The authors of “Branch Magazine” reflect on the many possible paths towards a sustainable and fairer Internet for all. The online magazine of “Climate Action Tech” is itself a model of this mission – it was not only developed in a resource-saving way, but also adapts its appearance to the current share of renewable energies. For this commitment, “Branch Magazine” was honored with the new Ars Electronica Award for Digital Humanity from the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. At the Ars Electronica Festival Branch Magazin organizes the theme Conference and presents there work within the theme exhibition.


Managing Editor: Michelle Thorne
Editor: Chris Adams
Assistant Editors: Laurence Bascle, Carrie Hou
Design: Tom Jarrett
Development: Jack Lenox, Hannah Smith, Chris Adams
Cover illustrations: Hélène Baum, Gica Tam
Web design: Tom Jarrett
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Bill Johnson, Brett Gaylor, Camila Nobrega, Chenai Chair, Christine Larivière, Eirini Maliaraki, Extinction Rebellion NYC, Fieke Jansen, Gabi Ivens, Janet Gunter, Jesper Hyldahl Fogh, Joana Moll, Kamal Kapadia, Laurent Devernay, Lu Ye, Maddie Stone, Melissa Hsiung, Michael Oghia, Taylor Rowe, Tom Greenwood, and Vandria Borari.

With support from EIT Climate KIC, Mozilla Foundation, Climate Action Tech, and the Green Web Foundation

Climate Action Tech (EU/Global) is a community of practice of tech workers that provides support and guidance for systemic change in our organizations and industries for rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented change. The climate crisis requires a serious and sustained response from across civil society, and that includes the tech sector and technology professionals. Climate Action Tech’s purpose is to empower technology professionals to play our part—to meet, discuss, learn about, and take climate action. Our vision is that everyone is working on the climate crisis at all levels.