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Excel Spread Sheet Party

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Following the online opening, the planetary online community is cordially invited to a get-together at an Excel Spread Sheet Party. The individual columns are designed as a walk-through Linz’s local venues, including a look into the festival past of the Post City as well as some insider spots for residents. For those who previously thought that software could only be a useful tool for complicated calculations, let yourself be inspired by how fun the classic sheets of paper can be transformed into a social platform where questions surrounding this year’s theme “A New Digital Deal” can be explored together.

Participation is anonymous and open to all. The founder of the concept of Spreadsheet Parties, Marie Foulston, as well as the organizers of Collaborative Futures and members of the Ars Electronica Festival team can be found on the sheets by name.


Core Team Collaborative Futures:
Fiona Zisch
Mollie Claypool
Claire McAndrew
Alice Whewell