Disconnected Experiences

Expansion of a Critical Mind 

Bryan J. Romero García  (CU)

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Welcome to this special Artist Journey from the Disconnected Experiences Garden of Cuba. The artist sets out his projects like Narcissus contemplating his reflection. Through the use of digital tools, the artist has created, analyzed, questioned, and rehearsed a universe that reveals his ethical and existentialist concerns. This video dismembers human beings from the consciousness of being. In what is a clear irony to the divine omnipresence, he questions moral structures, human evolution, and the nature of man.

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By Bryan J. Romero. Garden Curator: Nestor Siré; Steering: Michael M. Thoss; Coordinator: Raquel Ávila; Jury: Cristina Figueroa Vives, Jorge Fernández and Yusnier Mentado; Assistant: Yainet Rodríguez

Bryan J. Romero García (Cuba, 1994): is a graduate of the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently studying at the University of the Arts and the Padre Félix Varela Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies, both in Havana. He won a mention at the Gibara International Film Festival in 2017. He has participated in several events, including the Camagüey International Video Art Festival and the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.