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IMPAKT Workshop: Face and body filters

Yun Lee and Jonathan Reus, from iii, instrumentinventors.org, The Hague (NL)

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Limited number of participants with registration!

Use filters like a pro and get ready for the Bal Masqué

Over the past two years, a big part of our life has moved to virtual spaces. We learned to live, meet, work and celebrate online. In the Bal Masqué, we explore these new virtual environments as spaces for creativity, shared experiences, identity building, collectivity and fun. With the use of software like Zoom, OBS and Snap Camera, we can create our own virtual backgrounds, digital masks, video compilations and even perform live coding and VJ sets. IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture], in collaboration with Ars Electronica and the European Media Art Platform (EMAP), organizes two workshops where you can familiarize yourself with these new tools and platforms and start using them to build your own online performance sets. And don’t miss the chance to show off what you have learned during this workshop! On Saturday 11 September, you can present your performance and battle with us at the Bal Masqué: EMAP x IMPAKT. In the first workshop we delve into the colorful world of filters. Performing artists Yun Lee and Jonathan Reus from iii will show you how to create and perform with face and body filters. The Bal Masqué consists of 4-7 minute battles between three competitors performing via Zoom with face filters, backgrounds, facial expression, body movement, screen and camera. How do you utilize all these elements to transcend the rectangles and bobbing heads of zoom, build up an engaging performance over time and battle your way to the top? We will be using Snap Camera and Lens Studio to create our filters. Participants will go through the basics of how to import custom images, animations and 3D models into your filter, working with face and body meshes, creating interactions, and building a performance around these elements. To make the most of your time, come prepared with sketches of specific movements and effects you would like to work with. Spots for the workshop are limited.

To participate, register at: https://forms.gle/zVjT7vXQTpPcrwwL8
Requirements: Internet connection Webcam Windows or Mac computer with Lens Studio and Snap Camera installed Zoom (download here: https://zoom.us/download) – we will use Zoom for presentation materials & tutorials A Snapchat account (create one at: https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/signup) – you will need a Snapchat account to publish and use your filters Discord account (create one at: https://discord.com/register) – we will use Discord as a community chat space during and after the workshop (Optional) An external mouse is useful for navigating the 3D editor of Lens Studio Images, animated gifs, video files, or 3D models that you would like to use in your filters. (Note: custom media files should be no bigger than 3-4MB, 3D models should be in fbx format for the highest compatibility) Please test that the software works on your laptop. If there are any issues, please email us at yun@instrumentinventors.org or hello@jonathanreus.com.

Yun Lee Yun Lee: Yun Lee Yun Lee is an artist, performer, and curator mostly working with lecture-performances, sound, and workshops. Much of their work engages critically and playfully with recording technology to navigate shifting definitions of what being human is. In short, Yun is concerned with how our filtered ways of sensing both limit and extend the ways we understand, categorize, and compose the world. For the past few years, Yun has been delving into research on facial recognition, identification politics, masks, anonymity and avatars, resulting in lectures, performances and workshops. Along with this work, Yun will be bringing their performance experience walking and battling in online balls during lockdown.

Jonathan Reus(b. US): Jonathan Reus is a performing artist, musician, composer, and researcher based in the Netherlands. Fundamentally interdisciplinary in approach, Reus’ performance and artistic works are characterized by hands-on experimentation, hybrid-thinking, and consideration for the material conditions and surroundings in which art, technologies, and communities are created. In this spirit, Reus’ music and performance work draws equally from vernacular folk music traditions as from live-coding and computational data. His interest in face filters comes out of recent projects where he has explored the role of masks at the intersection of traditional and digital ritual celebrations. Together with Italian designer Nicolo Merendino he initiated the WORTH partnership supported project PERSONA, which involved working together with traditional Venetian mask makers to imagine new digital approaches to generative mask-making for Venice carnivale and masquerades. He has also developed workshops around traditions of death masks and burial rituals using 3D facial scanning.