Artificial Reality – Virtual Intelligence


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The curators of the Ars Eletronica Garden Berlin welcome the audience at Ostkreuz, the busiest interchange station in Berlin. The path leads eastwards beyond the so-called “S-Bahn-Ring”, where for many locals and tourists the city of Berlin ends. Along the way we encounter famous techno clubs, centres of the music industry and architectural monuments until, after only a short distance, we reach Berlin’s former Elektropolis, a remarkable building ensemble of multi-storey factories, extensive production halls and administrative buildings. Here, where the Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG) and later the Kabelwerk Oberspree (KWO) once produced industrial goods, the University of Applied Scienes and the Gardens Berlin exhibition venue are now located, transforming this important industrial site into a place of future and innovation. Truly welcome to Berlin off the beaten track.

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Moritz Schell: works and researches at the intersection of the physical world and its surrounding digital sphere by discovering and merging possibilities of creative coding, physical computing and innovative technologies. He is co-founder of the interdisciplinary design studio ”triggerbangbang.” He also teaches and researches at the department of communication design at the HTW Berlin. He studied media art at the Bauhaus University, Weimar.

Andreas Ingerl: is Professor of Audiovisual Multimedia in the Communication Design program at HTW Berlin and studied Visual Design at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd and Media Studies at the University of Tübingen. At the turn of the millennium, together with Prof. Ralf Dringenberg (HfG Gmünd), he was involved in the conception and design of communication systems based on Internet technologies and in research and development in the field of dynamic real-time visualisation of audio data, which led to several patent applications. He was later a research assistant at the TU Ilmenau in the field of media conception / media psychology.


Andreas Ingerl, Moritz Schell


VR Experience
Felix Sewing

Lucid Dream
Elena Kunau, Mariya Yordanova

Pardigm Shift
Maria Bürger

Hoang Quynh Nguyen

Virtual Nature
Lukas Ruoff

Can You Win Digitally
Jana Staltmayer, Sabrina Prinz

Liza Arand, Jasmin Papadimitriou, Javier Rivera Vollmer

Javier Rivera Vollmer

Ant Organic
Philipp Gerdes, Bernhard Hoffmann, Lara Ketzenberg, Lara Ketzenberg

Phuong Thao Phan, Sophie Boll, Davi Saavedra Gerhardt, Ekaterina Tuchina

Ekaterina Romanova, Iris Cakuli, Evgeni Dause

Linda Maas

Shaped by news
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Das Ding
Margarita Gehl, Constantin Ruchay, Jonas Peschel

Lost in Truncation
Daniela Vogel, Jessica Dierich

Almond Core
Tim Schreiber