NeoBotanical Tailoring

Alexander Bello (BE/MX/US/CA)

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Linz, In Kepler's Gardens

In collaboration with Care Applications and AITEX, Bello has been developing natural dyes and extracts using medicinal plants from around Valencia to help reduce the use of synthetic dyes and water waste in the fashion industry. Using innovative and sustainable eco-finishing technologies, traditional natural dyeing processes are being optimised to develop new, sustainable systems and solutions for the future. The aromatic properties of regional plants such as rosemary, orange peels, and lavender have also been micro-encapsulated and integrated into each handcrafted garment in order to stimulate the senses and change how we perceive clothing in Western society: not only as functional garments, but as emotional links. An interactive digital platform allows the end-consumer to customize their own jacket, trouser or shirt, selecting from a variety of natural dyes, aromas, GOTS-certified cotton or linen fabrics and styling details to make the garment truly theirs.


Re-Fream STARTS European Commission – project funding
Care Applications – natural dyeing partners & collaborators
AITEX – laser printing technologists & collaborators
Haratech – 3D printing development & collaborators
Profactor – 3D printing development & collaborators