Ars Electronica Garden New York City


XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble) (US), Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery (US)

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through the intimacy of technology

XRE, the Extended Reality Ensemble, is excited to present the inaugural Ars Electronica Festival Garden NYC. The international, interdisciplinary artist collective chose the theme A Portal for their Festival Garden and invites the audience to explore a world of immersive art, new technology and interactive performances. Can we be intimate with technology? Can virtual and analogue artists co-exist? The festival reflects on the technological promises made to us and tries to rethink the foundations of the digital world to reconcile it with our current reality and to explore it as it intersects with culture and society. XRE’s key goal is to empower the community of NYC new media artists, creators, coders, visionaries and community activists who are directly connected to multicultural and international communities. This festival will uplift the voices of diverse artists and tech community by providing several platforms: locally through a stage at Culture Lab LIC in Queens and globally through Virtual Reality rooms and via streaming. Creators from the LGBTQ+, femme identifying and non-binary BIPOC, Asian and Latinx communities offer their unique perspectives through an array of diverse mediums and art forms, from spoken word to NFTs. The goal is to support equity and accessibility and have both participants and audience learn from one another by walking through the Portal to become enchanted by the unique combination of art, technology and society. XRE is thrilled to collaborate with Ars Electronica who are true pioneers of art, tech, community and honest conversations around using these spaces for accessibility and healing.


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Partners: Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery, Never Knows Better, My Digital Food, Vizmesh, Museum of Craft and Design of San Francisco, Cosmic Sugar Sponsors: 8th Wall, JanetB Music Artists & Panelists: Amelia Lichtenberg, Anne Wichmann AKA She’s Excited!, Anto Astudillo, Austin Lee, Brian Thabault, Brittany Kurtinecz, Clara Francesca, Carrie Able, Chloé Lee, Clay Boykin, Dan Tesene & Serena Stucke, Daniel Cevallos Andrade & Aaron Cevallos Andrade, Daniel Sabio, David Lobser, David Pressler, Dr. Howard Teich, Geoff Wilcox, Erin Wajufos, Flex Dance Program, George Gleixner, Georgios Cherouvim & Labros Filippou, Grant Bouvier, Jani Rose, Jay Tobin, Kamel Ghabte, Leo Lion, Leticia Almeida AKA Tanky, Mathías Chumino AKA C03RA, Melissa Ulto, Menka Sethi, Michael Romeo, Milenaria, Mx Oops, Mx_mango, Rob Interface, Robert Laine, Sadaway & Handhead, Sarah Charley, Sean Devare, Sheilah D. Smiley, Sky Rolnick, The Museum of Craft and Design, TJ McCau, Ulisespal, White Lights, YANDL and Several artists from all over the globe.