PostSensorium. Stranger Senses

Kwan Q Li (HK/US), Pohao Chi (TW/US), Weihan Jiang (CN/US), Weilu Ge (CN/US), Kelon Cen (CN/US), Ieva Viksne (LV), Gustavs Lociks (LV), Jung Eun Lee (KR/DE), Christina Vinke (DE)

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Immersive Exhibition and Hybrid Screening Program

“ live means first and foremost to look, taste, feel, and smell the world around us.” (Emanuele Coccia, 2016)

With more recent enhancements of immersive and sensing technologies, our ‘sensoriums’ have intensified and become more mediated than ever before. Art and concepts (that are our “strange tools” – coined by contemporary philosopher Alva Noë (2015)) are perfect instruments to stimulate our perception. By drawing upon prior experience, cultural shifts and technological advancements, art becomes a medium that creates new and transformative experiences so crucial for reorganizing ourselves. As contemporary art historian, curator and author Caroline A Jones has put it, “what we want art to reorganize us into, also changes” (2016).

RIXC Garden’s program “Stranger Sense” is an immersive exhibition and hybrid screening program featuring new work by young and emerging artists who are at the forefront interrogating novel sensing and artistic tools.

Stranger Senses program will be physically screened on Friday, September 10, 12 PM CEST (6 PM EST), in the Bartos Theatre of the ACT program at MIT in Boston, US, and it will be available during the entire Festival.


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Kwan Q LI (HK/US), Pohao Chi TW/US) and Weihan Jiang (CN/US): Kwan Q LI, Pohao Chi and Weihan Jiang are graduate students of the Art, Culture and Technology program at MIT

Weilu Ge (CN/US) and Kelon Cen(CN/US): Weilu Ge is a PhD student in Creative Practice and Critical Inquiry in the music department at Harvard University, in collaboration with artist Kelon Cen from the collective IMUU

Ieva Viksne (LV) and Gustavs Lociks (LV): Ieva Viksne and Gustavs Lociks are young artists who have graduated from Liepaja University’s New Media Art program.

Christine Vinke (DE) and Jung Eun Lee (KR/DE): Christine Vinke and Jung Eun Lee are media art students at HfG Karlsruhe.


Curated by

Rasa Smite (RIXC/LV) Artists and artworks include: Kwan Q Li (HK/US). Insomniac/Amnesiac (2021) / Pohao Chi (TW/US). Plantfluencer Gazing (2021) / Weihan Jiang (CN/US). Vacuum (2021) / Weilu Ge (CN/US) and Kelon Cen (CN/US), Feed (2021) / Ieva Viksne (LV). SYNK IN (2019) / Gustavs Lociks. Digital Compost. Spectating the Groundhog Day (2019) / Christina Vinke (DE). If Plants Could Chant (2021) / Jung Eun Lee (KR/DE). Biotope (2021).