Greetings from the Future IV

Pre-Present Sensitivities

Katarina Blažič (SI), Irena Gatej (SI), Sandra Jovanovska (MK), Ivana Kalc (HR), Aljaž Lavrič (SI), Boris T. Matić (HR), Anja Paternoster (SI), Ana Prebil (SI), Miha Reja (SI)

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Programme of short audio-visual works

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, we always sought our own contact with our environment and with ourselves, crossing the abstract, immaterial dimensions of this world, merging the past with the present, and thinking about the future beyond sensuality. But what will happen with touch, with this “unsymbolizable scum of the real” as Žižek would say, which is spreading relations between reality-thoughts and evolving these days alongside voice and gaze. What else will we be able to touch, how will we feel now? Thus, sensitivity and touch in the post-corona period are increasingly intertwined with technology; when we lack sensation, we feel digital, when we crave closeness, there are electrical stimuli. What is/will be true love? 0 = same + ∞ = same. Through pre-existing impressions of sensitivity, the student film program questions the transience, limitation, silence, closeness, voice, touch, pleasure, fears, long before the arrival of the “new corona reality,” which threatens to engulf everything in us, and paralyze an even more uncertain future.

FIVE HOUR CONVERSATION, Katarina Blažič, 5 min, 2020

SILENCE, Aljaž Lavrič, 3 min, 2021

SOMA, Sandra Jovanovska, 9 min, 2019

SMOKER’S DELIGHT, Ana Prebil, 2 min, 2020

WHITE, BLACK AND TRUE LOVE, Anja Paternoster, 5 min, 2021

BEHIND CLOSED SHUTTERS, Miha Reja, 3 min, 2020

DRIVE, A POEM FOR MY FATHER, Irena Gatej, 13 min, 2018

FEAR, Boris T. Matić, 4 min, 2020

LAZARUS, Ivana Kalc, 24 min, 2021

All authors are/ were students of UNG School of Arts (SI)