Deep Space 8K

Quiet Gesture Towards

Juan Pablo Linares Ceballos (CO)

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Quiet Gesture Towards is an interactive installation that explores images as gestures performed in space, and wonders at the experienced feeling that constantly shapes and constructs them from what remains in our memory and hopes, to push us towards shared and desirable collaborative futures.

A simple shape on the floor is drawn below each participant. As time passes, the circle slowly moves away from its original position and is replaced by a slightly bigger or smaller one, leaving a trail that disappears when it reaches the top of the projection. Eventually, a drawing of circles temporarily registers the gesture by which the participant engages with the space. One can decide to shape the drawing individually or can set out to collaboratively construct one with others.


Project by Juan Pablo Linares Ceballos
Special thanks to Katharina Mayrhofer, Holunder Heiß and Gerhard Funk.