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Snow Castles: The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Study while depressed

Yulia Krasova (RU), Alexey Ryumin (RU), Anna Novikova (RU)

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Browser game

This game allows users to release tension and frustration about their behavior in the face of approaching deadlines, final exams, and other causes for procrastination. The player finds himself in a vast empty space, with a finish line ahead and a giant Sailor Moon, the ultimate distraction, on the periphery. The timer sets off and whenever the player looks at Sailor Moon, obstacles appear on his way. The point of this game is to get to the end of this obstacle course before the “terminal stage” — the moment when crossing the finish line becomes impossible. The task gets even harder as Sailor Moon is pulling the player’s focus and fastens his eyes on her every moment he hesitates. If the player actually reaches the finish line, Sailor Moon disappears together with the obstacle course: when someone has free time, things that were stopping him from properly concentrating immediately lose their luster. After the “terminal stage” hit, the game can be shut down and restarted.


Yulia Krasova (RU), Alexey Ryumin (RU), Anna Novikova (RU)