Stefan Tiefengraber (AT)

The sound artist Stefan Tiefengraber is presenting his latest sound-performance project DOWM. Three walkmans, three effect pedals, two mixers, a mini-synthesizer, microphones and several feedback loops create a noise-scape that ends in silence and emptiness.

The sound of ENTU
Emanuele Balia (IT)

The piece is a generative audio from the installation project ENTU Umanesimo Artificiale in its Garden Bologna/Fano. Data from the wind collected in Sardinia island in Italy is processed through algorithms that explore its timbral potential of the physical phenomenon. What you will se is the software interface during the live interaction by the artist, in the purest form of collaboration between man and machine.

Lost Interferences
Proiect 2 (RO), Rezidența BRD Scena9 (RO), UNATC IL Caragiale – CINETic Centre (RO)

We sometimes get desperate, we sometimes get lonely when we lose something. Through the participatory installation Lost Interferences we collect feelings on loss. Using a deep neural network algorithm, we share those feelings as sound information. In a collective action, Constantin Basica, from the location of the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics Stanford (CCRMA), with Romeo Cornelius and Maia Morgenstern, and Irina Margareta Nistro, will perform telematically.

Desert Bloom presents “on the tendencies of trauma & resilience”
Desert Bloom (CA) & Austin Tufts (CA)

Long-form arrangement from composer Desert Bloom consisting of three movements, “on the tendencies of trauma and resilience” blends classical form and experimental electronic instrumentation alongside drummer Austin Tufts’ live drum improvisations. Conceptually, this piece delves into reactions to traumas experienced by women of color, the lack of a societal discourse on the subject and the concept of resilience, widely used as a scapegoat to avoid providing further support or to genuinely confront our own biases and toxic behaviors.

White Sample Live Set
Ignacio Cuevas | White Sample (CL)

Analog live set playing with the Autonomy/Dependency installation of electromechanical systems with plants. Music in between ambient, electroacoustic and electronica in a biological environment.

Autonomy / Dependency
Ignacio Cuevas (CL), Fabián Andrade (CL)

The Republic of the Mountain is constituted as a utopian micronation, decentralized and intangible, which activates an ephemeral appearance from the foothills of the Andes towards the limits of our perception, to find out more join us in this conversation with Enrique Rivera, our art curator and get to become a citizen of the republic.

Absent Sitter
Gazelle Twin (UK), Kit Monkman (UK), Ben Eyes (UK), University of York Music Department (UK)

Commissioned and developed by York Mediale, Absent Sitter is a digitally abstracted live alternative to touring, created by experimental musician, composer and performer, Gazelle Twin, immersive creative collective, KMA and sound artist Ben Eyes with the University of York Music Department. The artwork explores the power of ‘collective imagination’ within an audience and the importance of ‘presence/absence’ in a live event.

Hum of the Earth
Liliia Akivenson (RU), Evgenii Savenko (RU)

A sound performance based on a joint project that arose from two elements: noise, and an anthropological interest in how people react to the spontaneous invasion by «unthinkable sound» of their private and hermetic sound reality. Every audible sound has its source, but what could we do with the sudden appearance of unfamiliar disturbing noises that persistently change everyday life towards total unrecognisability? The mythologeme of the «Hum of the Earth» interests artists as a vantage from which to interpret non-everyday noise and its contexts: from the subjective-affective to the mass-eschatological.

Conceptronica, Ontologica & Phenomenologica
M. (FI/US)

This performance focuses on the default staging of digital music, which most often includes someone sitting or standing behind a computer. This is especially true in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, when performers and audiences alike are relegated to screen-based interactions.