Journey - INFINITY
Media Art Globale (MAG) Festival by Connected Art Platform (CAP), (ID)

Garden Indonesia elaborates on the adaptations of our cultural environment, the process of life and our heritage system, ranging from rattan to Indonesian side-dishes transformed into interactive installations.

Journey - Extractivism: Operations and Practices
Universidad Austral de Chile, Faculty of Architecture and Arts (CL), Institute of Visual Arts, Galería Réplica (CL)

The Journey "Extractivism: Operations and Practices" gives an impression of the Valdivia Garden.

OLEA. Digital-bio codifications
Soliman López (ES)

The OLEA project proposes a space for reflection and the rapprochement of species, concepts, economies, societies and information flows converging in a single fluid: olive oil. Historically related to deities, abundance, health, softness and liquid gold, olive oil is the perfect place to embrace other natures.

Dr. Wiyu Wahono (ID), Detty Wulandari (ID). Moderator: Mona Liem (ID)

Topics: 1) The speakers will discuss their digital and media art collections; 2) they will share knowledge about NFT art for a young generation who wants to know more about it; 3) the artworks are from Indonesia, and show the international influence on the movement.

Extractivism. Operations and Practices
CENEx Collective (Lucía Egaña, Isabel Torres, Juana Guerrero), TRIMEX Collective (Andrés Terrisse, Juan José Aldunce, Bernardita Pérez), Regina de Miguel, Ignacio Acosta, Felipe Rivas San Martin, Claudio Celis, María Jesús Schultz, Celeste Rojas, Paula Baeza Pailamilla, Cristian Ochoa, Felipe González, Claudia Pool, Martin Arboleda

Extractivisms: Operations and Practices is a curatorial proposal introducing the idea of an "expanded extractivism". To do so, it connects works by creators such as Ignacio Acosta, Jota Aldunate, Paula Baeza Pailamilla, Claudio Celis and María Jesús Schultz, Regina de Miguel, Lucía Egaña, Juana Guerrero, Bernardita Pérez, Celeste Rojas, Felipe Rivas San Martín, Andrés Terisse and Isabel Torres, to reflect on and discuss how to foment the questioning and exploration of these transversal practices and operations.

NFT, Beyond New Media Art
Joaquín Fargas (AR), Alejandra Marinaro (AR)

There is no doubt that digital art has changed a lot because of blockchain and the appearance of the NFT. Cryptoart is not just a new medium to express digital art, it could be part of the process itself. Through the example of works like "Cellular Seeds" by Alejandra Marinaro (AR), and the series "Cryptobody", by Joaquín Fargas (AR), we can explore the future of the digital world.