Virtual Art Gallery

The Berlin Garden is hosting a virtual Rave on Friday night (CEST) in the RAVE SPACE, Berlin's first virtual 3D club. An extension of the club is a virtual art gallery, which will be open for the entire duration of the festival and show artistic representations of the Garden Berlin's real exhibits.

Sustainable Futures & New Pathways to Innovation

Sustainable Futures & New Pathways to Innovation is an interactive online experience that explores three concrete challenges tackled by artists who have participated in S+T+ARTS across three thematic areas: Tangible Data, Sustainable Futures and Navigating the Digital Realm.

Beauty of Taiwan - World Premier | The Hidden Gems
Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Yu-Chiou Tchen (TW), Kuo-Hao Wang (TW)

Taiwan stands out from bodies of water like a hidden emerald, rich and brilliant like a diamond. Once it was called Formosa by the Portuguese (1542), meaning beautiful island. Taiwan’s natural and cultural evolution developed over a short period of time. Through Eastern, Western, and Austronesian multi-cultural influences and hardship, and through enduring extreme natural elements; Taiwanese tenacity, flexibility, courageousness, grit, and spirited enthusiasm are formed.

Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Vick Wang (TW), Suet-Er Hee (TW), Sara Hsiao (TW), Gian Lee (TW), Wei-Che Hung (TW)

AMORE is an avant-garde production created to elevate the artistry of performing, conceptual, kinetic, digital, video, and abstract art. Paul Chiang's paintings are the foundation from which 3D animation techniques catalyze the art to life. Through the combination of intense piano repertoires, multimedia technology, contemporary and abstract moving art, diverse styles are revealed to present a dramatic music-based performing art that is a banquet for the senses. Of all the emotions, the most seductive and touching is Love. Love is my muse and is the most inspirational and greatest charm of all time.

Pavel Méndez Hernández  (CU)

I believe in the power of art to de-automatize the gaze and my mission is to transform that aptitude into action. I develop philosophical works that focus on the human being, on the prejudices and external predispositions that underlie their experience.

Bal Masqué: EMAP Closing Party at Ars Electronica, organized by IMPAKT
European Media Art Platform (EMAP), IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture]

The Bal Masqué is a virtual club night: a corona-proof merger of an online dance battle, a digital masked ball and a multitude of VJ-sets. We will have many international partners and guests, since it is the closing party of the EMAP 2018-2021 program. You are all invited to wear your craziest digital masks and party with us.

White Sample Live Set
Ignacio Cuevas | White Sample (CL)

Analog live set playing with the Autonomy/Dependency installation of electromechanical systems with plants. Music in between ambient, electroacoustic and electronica in a biological environment.

Autonomy / Dependency
Ignacio Cuevas (CL), Fabián Andrade (CL)

The Republic of the Mountain is constituted as a utopian micronation, decentralized and intangible, which activates an ephemeral appearance from the foothills of the Andes towards the limits of our perception, to find out more join us in this conversation with Enrique Rivera, our art curator and get to become a citizen of the republic.

Garden PR and Garden Buenos Aires Program
Joaquín Fargas (AR), Giselle Aviles (PR), Carola Cintrón (PR)

This program opens with a welcome from our host institution, the UAGM Museum. Soon after, Joaquín Fargas’ performance will take place, effectively connecting Garden Buenos Aires with Garden Puerto Rico. The performance will attempt to showcase the Earth’s lifeforce as it relates to our human body, where information is dispersed in every cell, while also being interconnected as a whole – a sort of crypto body.

PolySocial Project Exhibition
Bartlett School of Architecture Design for Performance and Interaction Students 2020-2021

A student project exhibition showcasing MArch Design for Performance and Interaction work in progress. A physical exhibition housed in an East London venue, projects will also be made accessible online as a narrated walk-through which will be live streamed on various platforms.