The Virtual Court. Reality.

Law Lab (AT)

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Linz, In Kepler's Gardens

The digital transformation of administration and jurisdiction is a challenge for the law, as well as for the rule of law. Even so, the implementation of existing technologies has the potential to provide great added value to the state of law. In authorizing large infrastructure projects, for example, it is necessary for the interested parties and the relevant authorities to convene onsite whilst knowing about the project only from plans. In criminal trials, crime scenes are usually accompanied with photos and video material.

The Virtual Court. Reality shows the potential that virtual reality technology has for legal and administrative proceedings. Site-independent participation, digital data sources and AI-based tools, such as immersive animation for project plans, expert opinion visualization or crime scene reconstruction through 360°-technology are among the many possibilities the project will present.

Visitors will access the virtual courts of the future. They will participate as parties of a proceeding in the virtual courtroom, and at a virtual site inspection. Every person will be able to stand for their rights. Through the use of virtual reality, they will experience the impact these new technologies can have on the state of law up close and with all of their senses.

The technological advances of digitization have the potential to profoundly change not only the economy but our society as a whole and thus, our legal system. JKU researchers at the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) Law Lab are working on legal issues and visions of digital transformation from the perspective of various legal disciplines. They are in close contact with researchers from other disciplines, ranging from AI through security and the social sciences.


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