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Young Animations

curated by Sirikit Amann

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Linz, In Kepler's Gardens

Young Animations program is a selection put together by Sirikit Amann (OeAD) from the national competition u19-create your world in the Prix Ars Electronica 2021, including short films, computer animations and stop-motion works using Lego or clay.


In Search

Der Mann ohne Gesicht (01:23)
Sophia Lindenthal (19 years old)

Silence (00:59)
Felix Zorn-Pauli (16 years old)

INCERT (01:37)
Isa Mutevelic, Simon Effenberger, David Stummer (18 years old)

The Me and the We

Sondafart (01:02)
Nuria Blum, Johannes Deibl, Leo Jenewein, Paula Jenewein, Miles Lewis, Andre Moshammer, Manuel Netto, Liam Wilhelm (10 years old)

Verfuchst noch mal (01:00)
Alma Malzer (11 years old)

Stranger (01:47)
Ida Onzek, Jasmin Schlögl (15 / 17 years old)

Dreaming …

Floating world (02:23)
Ella Bella Guggenbichler (17 years old)

H.A.M. (01:07)
Noah Bujnoch, Dora Ispanovic, Beatrice Lazar (18 years old)

Die Zauberkiste (02:44)
Jakob, Julian, Mia, Neon, Paul (15 years)


Dedicated to Bin Chun (01:01)
Paul Emprechtinger, Peter Gratl, Julian Lutz, Adam Malzer, Alma Malzer, Gabriel Schwarzenauer, Madita Zangerl (10 years old)

Echinomorph (01:20)
Mirjam Lehner (18 years old)

Time Machine (00:52)
Matthias Riegler (12 years old)

In the End

The Click (02:23)
Caroline Bär, Zara Dineva, Julia Scheiwein, Anna Zoglauer (18 years old )

Das Donauweibchen (04:32)
Fabio, Jenan, Lara, Laura, Neea, Valerie (8 years old)

Das unmögliche Computerspiel (03:32)
Ali Kaan, Finn, Milan, Valentina, Pascal, Raffaela, Yaara (11 years old)