Expanded Animation: AI & Creativity
Huoston Rodrigues, Philippe Pasquier (CA), Martin Pichlmair (AT/DK)

Creative AI and Co-creation: Opportunities and Challenges; Creative Challenges in Artificial Intelligence;

Expanded Animation: Games & Art
Michael Lankes (AT), Margarete Jahrmann (AT), Isabelle Arvers (FR)

Hybrid Ludic Assemblages; Re-occupy the Digital Space;

Expanded Animation: ASIFA Austria Forum
Jan Chlup (CZ), Radim Jurda (CZ), Michelle Kranot (IL/DK), Martina Scarpelli (IT/DK)

Amanita Design: The Art of Creaks; Expanded Animation with a Focus on Collaborative Processes; I JUST WANTED TO DRAW;

Expanded Animation: Artist Position
Alex Verhaest (BE), Yoni Goodman (IL), Robert Seidel (DE)

Thinking like strangers – collective imagination of Eutopia; The road to Anne Frank; Image Making Fatigue; and its myriad connections to other disciplines.

Expanded Animation: Art & Industry
Martin Retschitzegger (AT), Paul Pammesberger (AT/CA), Ben Wahl (AT), Brian Main (AT/US)

Navigating Hybrid Workflows for Moving Images in Space; The Importance of Visual Consistency in Stylized Animation; Causa Creations: Art, education and immersive entertainment – Holy Fire;

Expanded Animation: Keynote Rashaad Newsome
Rashaad Newsome (US)

Being (2022) is a nonbinary, non-race AI created by combining animation game engines, scripted responses, generative grammars and unique machine-learning models. It plays multiple roles, leading participatory workshops that teach decolonization, and in the evenings, it explores the evolution of vogue drawing parallels between dance and Black American Queer experience.

Expanded Animation: Synaesthetic Syntax
Juergen Hagler (AT), Birgitta Hosea (SW/AT), Andrew Buchanan (US), Jānis Garančs (LV), Jana Horáková (CZ), Liliana Conlisk Gallegos (US), Farzaneh Yazdandoost (GB), Yoichi Nagashima (JP), Aristofanis Soulikias (CA), Juergen Hagler (AT), Birgitta Hosea (SW/AT)

This year’s theme, Gestures of Resistance, addresses the sensory experiences of touch, gesture and physical movement and their role in social, cultural and political resistance. Human bodies collide with one another in a variety of contexts, and they have the power to affect others or to be affected themselves. Our bodies are deeply structured by culture, but they can also resist; motion and sensation that are felt in the body can become catalysts of change.

Expanded Animation: Expanded & Hybrid
Frank Geßner (DE), Franziska Bruckner (AT), Eva Fischer (AT)

EXPANDED ANIMATION WOR(L)DS: GLOBE PLAYHOUSE SPACELAB; Between the Frames: Expanding Stop-Motion for Virtual and Hybrid Environments; CIVA – Phygital festival making;