AGC(Art-Game-Collider) Project
Axis-to-one (KR), Tinkers (KR)

Using photogrammetry technology and creative storytelling about inherited memories of Korean traditional mask dancers, *Memoria* lets audiences follow memories of successors in various spaces and history beneath succession itself. This virtual reality experience will make audiences connect to the story on a physical and emotional level.

NFT Showcase Human Touch
Jee Youn Kim (KR), Hayne Park (KR), Persona-L: ( Areum Nam (KR), Youngmi Lee (KR), Hanna Cho (KR), Teri Seo (KR), Jung Won Yoon) (KR)

The project begins with an object so that audiences’ control of the cube in the real world can react to the virtual world in the cube. The virtual space can be reached more easily by our hands by connecting the actual object with the virtual inside, enabling us to experience the coexistence and harmony of a flat and cubic object.

K-ARTS X ARS ELECTRONICA Online Lecture Series Human Touch
So Yeon Leem (KR), Robin McNicholas (Marshmallow Laser Feast/UK), Eunyoung Park (KR), Špela Petrič (SI), Helen Starr (UK)

For three years the Korea National University of Arts — short K-Arts — has collaborated with Ars Electronica on research and exchange into how the creation of human-like activity changes the digital and online sphere. In 2022 this exchange has focused on Human Touch through a guest lecture series to deal with art as the most human-like way to communicate with various existences in the expanded digital environment.