Human Touch

NFT Showcase Human Touch

Jee Youn Kim (KR), Hayne Park (KR), Persona-L: ( Areum Nam (KR), Youngmi Lee (KR), Hanna Cho (KR), Teri Seo (KR), Jung Won Yoon) (KR)

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Inside the Rubik’s Cube — Jee Youn Kim (KR)
The project begins with an object so that audiences’ control of the cube in the real world can react to the virtual world in the cube. The virtual space can be reached more easily by our hands by connecting the actual object with the virtual inside, enabling us to experience the coexistence and harmony of a flat and cubic object.

Digital Trypanosomiasis — Hayne Park (KR)
The project is an archival and narrative digital work based on humanistic research. Trypanosomiasis is a disease caused by parasitic protozoan trypanosomes of the genus Trypanosoma, which can make a patient die from sleeping. It starts with the surface of glass moving like Trypanosoma and reflects living things, surfaces, sleep, and death.

Persona Processing — Persona-L (KR)
Persona Processing is a project that expands private stories to social discourses. It is a struggle to keep the value and meaning of personal works that may be regarded as something worthless and unimportant at a time when everyone can take a photo. In private records, three women directors have questioned how personal records can construct the world of their documentary video and how it is to be assessed in an environment based on a new cultural technology.

Duo Dance with One Body XYZ Duet — Teri Seo (KR)
Duo Dance with One Body XYZ Duet considers double melodies in Inventionen composed by Johann Sebastian Bach as two dancers’ bodies. Through digital editing, one dancer can perform two choreographies. There are three viewpoints and stages in the digital and virtual place so audiences can enjoy a different choreography on each stage. This processing can attempt to make one piece of work by choreography alone.

Fabricated Containers 02 — Jung Won Yoon (KR)
Dark Ride v.1.0 – Smoothly and Softly and Cutely: Universal Rendering Studio is a part of the Fabricated Container 02 series, researching and revealing the media itself. One of the media’s traits is that everything, including humans, can be an object for rendering by media. The work projects this character of the media on the web in the construction of a dark ride that we can see in an amusement park.


Jee Youn Kim graduated from the Architecture Department of Korea National University of Arts. Her research combines her major, architecture, with a new physical system in the virtual world based on digital technologies, thereby creating a multiple view of the world only possible in realm of virtual reality.

Hayne Park is an artist working with light and glass as the main medium, and a light maker named Gloryhole Light Sales since 2015. She studies and expresses her main topic of glass, life and technology through her works connecting glass with living and digital things. She has participated in the exhibitions, Unparasite, Artience Daejeon and Ghost Shotgun

Persona-L is a team that consists of three documentary video directors. The name of the team comes from “personal documentary” but they aim for various discourses that expand upon their own personas over and above its original meaning. They experiment with many artistic methods to create the “personal documentary” discourse.

Teri Seo attempts to create a structure of time and place based on the movement of the body. In her works she defines the movements of joints as a dodecahedron and makes movements within the dodecahedron.

Yoon analyzes and reinterprets the way that media works by researching areas of science, dance and technology. He researches the structure of the media, as well as the relation between a body and media in works *The Box of Family History* (2018), *Space Adaptation* (2019) and Fabricated Container 01 (2021).