Patryk Lichota (PL)

We live in a schizoid data culture, an open cry of our subconscious, a desire to lose ourselves in our imagination. The links between what is physical, earthly, organic and what is imagined, speculated and virtual has become more entwined now than ever. Information spores need enormous energy resources and carry a great cost socially. In the installation, we will traverse the topographies of the geometric meshes as the invisible datasphere of our planet.

Voice in Sight
Jia-Yu Ku (TW)

Hearing-impaired people, although able to perceive sounds through their hearing aids, still have difficulty hearing clearly. When sounds cannot be fully received, everything is observed and understood visually. In this artwork, sound is transformed into waves of colors that can be displayed visually. The special device helps translate the world of auditory stimuli into visual code and presents the situation of a hearing loss through the poetry of colors and visual metaphors.

Future Vision
Hsiao-Chieh Huang (TW) and Jorjin Tech. Inc. (TW)

The Anthropocene was born, bringing glory and destruction. Through AR, people have a glimpse of a future vision, which reflects the impact of changes in the living environment and the alienation of biological variants. A new type of coexistence between humans and the environment is beginning. The artwork uses technologies of eye-tracking and gesture recognition to interactively experience virtual and real combinations, and explores future vision.

Qi Huang (TW) and Yi-Null Hong (TW)

The electronic drifters exiled from the Taiwan waters will become an extension of our senses. Slowly leaving the coast with our consciousness and perception, we try to explore the world, the unknown ocean currents, and the species that have never been annihilated before. It is said that there is a trash island in a distant place, a sea area we have never set foot on. That is our destination. SeaDrift seeks to reveal the final form of man-made objects and what they will become.

Live the Moment
Pin-Hsien Lin (TW), Sin-Ying Bai (TW) and Yan-Sin Lin (TW)

Since most people live in an artificial environment, we often do not notice the current changes in the climate. Live the moment is an artwork that uses the interaction of VR and physical scenes to provoke people to think about their relationship with the environment at the present moment. The original artwork involves the use of the mobile platform for space exchange. At this festival, due to space constraints, we will use other forms to present the artwork.