Nature of Prototyping


Patryk Lichota (PL)

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We live in a schizoid data culture, an open cry of our subconscious, a desire to lose ourselves in our imagination. The links between what is physical, earthly, organic and what is imagined, speculated and virtual has become more entwined now than ever. Information spores need enormous energy resources and carry a great cost socially. In the installation, we will traverse the topographies of the geometric meshes as the invisible datasphere of our planet.


Musician, composer, multimedia artist, academic researcher, webVR and AR developer, and curator. Assistant professor in the Institute of Theatre and Media Art at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In his research work, he deals with VR and telepresence, cybereschatology, interactivity, sound studies, the theory of new media, and critical media.