Nature of Prototyping

Future Vision

Hsiao-Chieh Huang (TW) and Jorjin Tech. Inc. (TW)

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The Anthropocene was born, bringing glory and destruction. Through AR, people have a glimpse of a future vision, which reflects the impact of changes in the living environment and the alienation of biological variants. A new type of coexistence between humans and the environment is beginning. The artwork uses technologies of eye-tracking and gesture recognition to interactively experience virtual and real combinations, and explores future vision.


“A little can be powerful” is the motto of Hsiao-Chieh Huang, who is studying at the Department of Art and Design of National Tsing Hua University. She is eager to exert the value and influence of innovative design on a small scale, and open people’s imagination and vision for the future. Jorjin Technologies Inc. has been a pioneer in the development of AR/MR smart glasses since 2013. The AR smart glasses have spatial perception recognition and human-computer interaction interface (HCI), including precise control of voice, gestures, head and eyeballs. These new technologies usher in the era of a new brain-computer interface.