Antarctic Resolution
Giulia Foscari (IT), UNLESS

Grand Prize – Developed as a transnational and multidisciplinary collective effort, Antarctic Resolution was launched on occasion of the bicentenary of the first recorded human landing on the continent in the format of a 1000-page volume published by Lars Müller Publishers and authored by the 150 leading world Antarctic experts. The encyclopedic publication focuses on the continent’s unparalleled scientific potential, contemporary geopolitical significance, and extreme inhabitation model.

Silent Echoes: Notre Dame
Bill Fontana (US)

Notre Dame has been described as the soul of Paris. As a result of the tragic fire in 2019, its bells have fallen silent. However, these bells were not damaged in the fire and are silently waiting and secretly “listening” to the sounds of Paris around Notre Dame.

Christian Skjødt Hasselstrøm (DK)

Die Installation µ fungiert als kosmische Live-Lauschstation, die dazu einlädt, ein Gitter aus 49 Teilchendetektoren zu betreten und die (ständige) Anwesenheit von Myonen, die Teil der kosmischen Strahlung sind, die weit unter die Erdoberfläche reicht, akustisch zu erleben.

Music for Chamber Gardens – Chamber Music Paths through Kepler's Gardens
The Bruckner Orchestra (AT) / Norbert Trawöger (AT)

Individual ensembles and soloists of the Bruckner Orchestra, together with Norbert Trawöger, their artistic director, have put together a three-hour program that transforms the Kepler’s Garden into the “Chamber Gardens of Music.”

Shota Yamauchi (JP)

By personifying technology as a gorilla wearing a human’s skin, and by synchronizing it with the movements of the performer who faces it, this work aims to open up a new perspective on the relationship between people and technology. It asks just what it is that exists before our eyes or beside us, in an age where technology is a medium for many forms of communication.

Listening through the Dead Zones
Jana Winderen (NO)

Listening Through the Dead Zones is a sonic contemplation of the disruptive impact of human activities on subaqueous environments.

Jobbuffet - about working and providing work
AMS (AT), Ars Electronica (AT)

In cooperation with the AMS — Arbeitsmarktservice (Public Employment Service), we are addressing a paradox in European labor markets that affects virtually every industry: that while jobs are available, the standards and demands of employees have reconfigured and changed.