State of the ART(ist) Live Sessions
Amir Almuarri (SY), Andriy Rachinskiy (UA), Daniil Revkovskyi (UA), Daria Pugachova (UA), DE NE DE (UA), fantastic little splash (UA), Floating Projects Collective (HK), Ivan Svitlychniy (UA), Oksana Chepelyk (UA), Oleksandr Burlaka (UA), SVITER Art Group (UA), The Peacock Generation (MM)

The State of the ART(ist) Initiative is established in collaboration with the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support artists in Ukraine and around the world, for whom a commitment to peace, freedom and self-determination is not possible locally or is possible only under great threat. Hosted by Christl Baur (DE/AT) and Martin Honzik (AT), the conversations address different segments of the Initiative.

VR Collider
Oksana Chepelyk (UA)

VR Collider on Mozilla Hubs is an architectural structure consisting of four platforms, which hang as a space station in the orbit of planet Earth, capturing and decoding the vibrations of our time. Prypiat Room with its GENESIS project works as a real-time birth-rate monitoring system in Ukraine.

Yellow Line

This project presents a unique cultural heritage that has not yet received proper recognition. Today, most of the material objects presented in this project have been destroyed by the Russian army. And the Yellow Line project has become a space where monuments are remembered and preserved.

The Big Wild Field Draft
Oleksandr Burlaka (UA)

The drone footage was filmed along the route through the steppe to the north of the Azov Sea according to the text from the 17th century book. The book is a textual description of the map which was used for warfare and trade from the 16th century.

Clanking, Hammering, Dispute and Gurgling
Andriy Rachinskiy (UA), Daniil Revkovskiy (UA)

A tailings dam is a system of special facilities for storing radioactive, toxic and other non-recyclable waste from mineral processing. The work touches upon the issue of man's responsibility for natural resources and chimeric forms that the imprint of human activity on Earth may acquire.

I Will Close the Sky So You Could Breathe
Daria Pugachova (UA)

Performance by a Ukrainian artist dedicated to the war. The artist is under a net on the ground. She finds the strength to get up from her knees. Her solo act is an expression of the will and unbroken spirit of Ukrainians.

Hip-hop Music to Honor the Syrian Memory
Amir Almuarri (SY)

Hip-hop music to honor the Syrian memory, in particular the memory of the detained and disappeared.

Peacock Generation
Karl Ingar Røys & Peacock Generation (MM)

Thangyat is one of the oldest examples of protest song culture in Myanmar. The performances were banned for decades because they often have an anti-authoritarian slant.

Shukhliada Exposition Environment
SVITER art group and Ivan Svitlychnyi (UA)

Shukhliada Exposition Environment is an artist-run space on the internet, and its main mission is to be a platform for independent projects of curators and artists.

Ivan Svitlychnyi (UA)

The project Donate consists of the site and an installation. The basic ideas here are examining artistic practices as forms of ecological action, creating conditions for viewers to collaborate to form the art object and for participants in the project to analyze their daily habits.