Cyan D’Anjou

Pronouns: she/her

I believe it’s worth questioning the logics that education has adopted around the learning structures that model a hierarchical and asymmetrical educational system, and to begin thinking about educational processes from the interconnection between various disciplines, under critical perspectives and with a creative view, especially regarding the technological phenomena that are inserted into everyday life and in the university. The introduction of technological devices not only shape individual ideas and beliefs, but also collective thoughts and perceptions regarding social, political, and cultural phenomena that permeate the academic and university environment. It is in this context where the role of art becomes fundamental in raising awareness about the use of these technologies and their objectives, to reflect on their production, distribution, and consumption, as well as on how they are adopted by developing countries that do not participate in the design of these technologies. The implementation of experimental techniques, diverse creative processes, and dissident forms of thinking, become necessary when constructing multicultural and inclusive forms of academia.