Julia Kloiber

Pronouns: she/her

Julia Kloiber is an esteemed digital expert whose work lies at the crossroads of technology and society. As the Managing Director and co-founder of Superrr Lab, a trailblazing feminist technology organization, she has been instrumental in spearheading various initiatives and organizations with a strong emphasis on promoting public interest tech and digital public infrastructure. She has co-founded transformative projects such as the Prototype Fund, a public open-source fund, and the influential network Code for Germany. Julia’s expertise and influence extend to advisory roles in the realm of digital strategies and tech policy. She serves on the advisory board for the Federal German Digital Strategy and is an integral part of the Digital Service 4 Germany. Driven by her commitment to a just and fair digital future, Julia Kloiber continually explores innovative avenues and solutions that bridge the gap between technology and society. She writes a monthly column for the MIT Technology Review Germany.