Karen Palmer

Pronouns: she/her

As the Storyteller from the Future, Karen Palmer is an award winning XR creator and futurist who explores the implications of A.I and technology on societal structures and the impact of in-equality. She does this through enabling participants to experience the future today through her immersive experiences.

Karen recently won the coveted XR Experience Competition at SXSW 2023 with her film Consensus Gentium. It is a powerful exploration into the implications of today’s AI technology. This immersive experience is designed to drive discussion about data privacy, unconscious biases and the power of

She creates films that watch you back using artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies. The narrative branches in real time depending upon the participants eye gaze and emotions. Enabling participants to simultaneously experience surveillance technologies and their potential integration into the everyday world around us and how that could be used to impact societal structures, human rights and civil liberties.

hosts the Elective Workshop: Futurist Workshop – Envisaging the University of the Future