Nikola Gruev

Pronouns: he/him

The new university should advocate for a paradigm shift in academic reductionist approach and embrace open, interdisciplinary thinking that generates more questions than answers and encourages questions that lead to further questions. Various media should be accepted as means to pose these questions, promoting diverse and creative approaches. The University should allow for flexible methodologies that transcend the limitations of a single discipline. These methodologies can serve as focal points for building connections or as additional research methods. By adopting this approach, all stakeholders, including individuals from outside academia, can actively participate, bringing value to the entire community and recognizing the power of diverse experiences as a form of knowledge. In fostering inclusivity and openness, the University can promote the synergy of interdisciplinary collaboration among art, technology, and society. When examining the system as a whole and embracing multilateral connections, the University would go beyond the codified approaches of traditional academia. By doing so, it multiplies the value created and ensures a fair and sustainable distribution of knowledge and benefits.