Photo: Ars Electronica / Martin Hieslmair

Award Ceremony (with invitation only)

POSTCITY, Ground Floor, Train Hall
Thu 7. Sep 2023 19:00 – 22:00

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Please note: You can attend the Award Ceremony by invitation only. Thank you for your understanding.

Since its founding in 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica has been an annual fixture of the international communities encompassing media art, artistic research, and many innovative collaborations between art, technology, and society. Anyone who has been following the Prix Ars Electronica for years will also notice that the enormous impact of the digital transformation is not only reflected in the number of entries (2023: 3,176 artistic projects from 98 countries), but also in an increasing number of new collaborations and alliances. In keeping with Ars Electronica‘s fundamental motto of devoting itself to the connections and synergies between art, technology and society, the Prix Ars Electronica has also become a platform for institutions and initiatives that want to explore and make meaningful use of these border crossings between disciplines and between social spheres. These collaborations and the inspiring and exemplary projects they put in the spotlight represent an important foundation for the ongoing development of Ars Electronica and are also an indispensable part of the festival‘s various programs. A big thank you to our partners! But tonight the spotlight is on the artists and initiatives, prizewinners of this year’s Prix Ars Electronica, S+T+ARTS Prize’23 and the winners of the great new prizes from the European Union and our cooperation partners.