ECLIPSE / Noémi Büchi (CH) / Christoffer Jorgensen (CH), Photo:


Noémi Büchi (CH) / Christoffer Jorgensen (CH)

POSTCITY, Ground Floor, Gleishalle
Fri 8. Sep 2023 23:50 – 00:30

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Price € 15,-
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Please note: This event is part of the Ars Electronica Nightline at POSTCITY. Tickets are available from September 6, 2023, and only on site at POSTCITY Info Desk.

This project is an audiovisual collaboration between Swiss composer and sound artist Noémi Büchi and visual artist Christoffer Joergensen. The aim of the work is to combine two different conceptions of reality and to discover hybrid conceptual worlds.  

Noémi Büchi’s music captures the tension between growth and decay, consonance and dissonance, mirroring Büchi’s own catharsis through music. Her most personal material to date, *Matter* is an opus of refined, sculpted beauty, one that aims to blur the distinction between ephemerality and physicality. Inspired by late romantic classical music and early 20th century contemporary music, *Matter* is driven by the compositional methodologies of Igor Stravinsky, Alexander Scriabin, Gustav Mahler and György Ligeti to modern sound forms, adapting and expanding upon their ideas in an awe-inspiring exploration of cutting-edge potency and tactility.  

In his work, Christoffer Jorgensen explores the potential of hybrid image creation by combining painting, sculptural work, photography, photogrammetry and 3D graphics.  Following the concept of “soft world building”, Joergensen’s topographies are not rooted in the vacuum of perfectly thought-out and logical systems. Instead, their source lies in today’s inconsistent coexistence of evolving media and cultural techniques. His visual artwork is a rich set of aesthetic fields of tension – between proliferating organic forms and pixel noise, sharp geometric planes and meaty substances, porous and soft surfaces, order and chaos, nature and technology – permeates the work.  

Together they create an enigmatic resonant space that leaves room for interpretation and imagination, and where doubt is a tool of discovery. 


Visual artwork by Christoffer Joergensen
Presented with the kind support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. 

Photo: Bennie Hess

Noémi Büchi (CH)

Noémi Büchi is a Swiss/French composer and sound artist who creates “electronic, symphonic maximalism”. Her music is defined by a delicate synthesis of textural rhythms and electroacoustic-orchestral abstraction. She explores the potential of consonance and dissonance, contrasts rhythmic physicality with disruption and playfully emphasizes irregularities. The result is an expansive listening experience marked by detail and elevation.  

After her studies in electroacoustic composition, musicology and German literature/linguistics, she already played at various festivals and was awarded a culture prize of the city of Zürich, Switzerland. Her 2019 debut ep Matière was released through Light of Other Days. In 2022 she releases her debut album Matter on -OUS Records, with the ep Hyle as its prelude, and releases a track on Longform Editions. 
In 2023 the debut album of Musique Infinie, a collaboration between Noémi Büchi and composer/sound artist Feldermelder will be released on -OUS Records and their second work on Hallow Ground.