Jessiquoi / Jessiquoi (CH/AU), Photo showing: Jessiquoi Photo:

Ars Electronica Nightline

POSTCITY, Ground Floor, Train Hall
Fri 8. Sep 2023 22:00 – 04:00

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Price € 15,-
(reduced price: € 10,-)

Please note: Tickets are available from September 6, 2023, and only on site at POSTCITY Info Desk.

This year’s return of the festival to POSTCITY also marks the comeback of the Nightline: Following the classical sounds of the Bruckner Orchestra, the Gleishalle will become a musical playground for electronic audio-visual artists and their sound experiments.

Producer and performer Jessiquoi kicks things off with an energetic, eye-catching live set that transports the audience to a futuristic Shanghai. Expect danceable beats, bold raps and soaring vocals.

Swiss composer and sound artist Noémi Büchi creates electronic symphonic maximalism. Together with audio-visual artist Christopher Joergensen, she seeks to explore different conceptions of reality and discover hybrid conceptual worlds.

Soraya Lutangu aka Bonaventure is a Swiss-Congolese musician and performer. She explores issues of displacement and the diasporic imaginary, contextualizing poetic notions of blackness, queerness, technology and spirituality.

Canadian Myriam Bleau creates audiovisual performances, installations and interactive interfaces based on music. Her project Unsculpt explores urban and human scenes with the help of AI-generated synthetic landscapes.

The evening will be rounded off with concerts by local Austrian acts Kenji Araki, Mika Bankomat and Siska. 

  • Bonaventure 


    Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure (CH/CG)

    With music, performance art, and film, Soraya Lutangu aka Bonaventure is attempting to materialize feelings dwelling between empathy, mourning, togetherness and celebration.



    Noémi Büchi (CH) / Christoffer Jorgensen (CH)

    This project is an audiovisual collaboration between Swiss composer and sound artist Noémi Büchi and visual artist Christoffer Joergensen. 

  • Free Purgatory Tickets 

    Free Purgatory Tickets 

    Def Ill aka Ruffian Rugged (AT)

    If you talk about “Ruffian Rugged” and some people will step up and ask you “Governor?”… don’t hesitate to say “Yes!”. Cuz they´ll be referring to the legend of “Governor General Ruffian Rugged”. 

  • Jessiquoi


    Jessiquoi (CH/AU)

    That girl serving up fresh beats from a neon food stand! 

  • Kenji Araki

    Kenji Araki

    Kenji Araki (AT)

    Kenji Araki is joining Ars Electronica for the first time as a solo artist. The 25-year-old Vienna-based musician and producer presents a live performance between maximalist sound design and reduction. 

  • Mika Bankomat  

    Mika Bankomat  

    Mika Bankomat (ATM)

    In her conceptual works, Mika Bankomat transfers the examination of social and political structures to concrete places, materials and physical phenomena.

  • Siska


    Siska (AT)

    Inspired by artists like James Blake and Danny L Harle, she unleashes her creativity in emotive electronic music, often accompanied by strings.

  • Unsculpt


    Myriam Bleau (CA)

    Concerned with the vertiginous paradigm shift that might result from the recent advances in machine learning, Unsculpt is an audiovisual performance that explores scenes and constructions devoid of human presence, questioning what will be left of our agency once knowledge and craft are modelled outside of the human body.