Free Purgatory Tickets / Def Ill aka Ruffian Rugged (AT), Photo:

Free Purgatory Tickets 

Def Ill aka Ruffian Rugged (AT)

POSTCITY, Courtyard
Fri 8. Sep 2023 22:00 – 22:30

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If you talk about “Ruffian Rugged” and some people will step up and ask you “Governor?”… don’t hesitate to say “Yes!”. Cuz they´ll be referring to the legend of “Governor General Ruffian Rugged”. 

Please note: This event is part of the Ars Electronica Nightline at POSTCITY. Tickets are available from September 6, 2023, and only on site at POSTCITY Info Desk.

The Austrian artist Felix Schager, who started making rap music in 1996 at the age of seven, made his name in the Austrian rap game a long time ago under his synonym “Def Ill” with over 1000 released songs and productions and hundreds of shows. While still a teenager, he developed a crush on Dancehall, Dub andReggae through the smoke and initiated his soundsystem Fireclath Sound. In this particular showcase, called Free Purgatory Tickets, he will present an epicentric meltdown between all his different musical patterns and his personal understanding of contemporary artforms.  

Photo: DMS Schwarz

Def Ill aka Ruffian Rugged (AT)

Def Ill, also known as Ruffian Rugged, gained popularity through his political lyrical activism, extra-ordinary skills, experimental productions and his flow that made him become the fastest rapper in Austria, in the meanwhile even one of the fastest rappers on the planet. Radio FM4 once credited him as “the most versatile MC in Austria”.