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Next Renaissance Launch Event


POSTCITY, Lecture Stage
Fri 8. Sep 2023 11:00 – 14:00

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The Next Renaissance platform aims to develop a global transdisciplinary movement that encourages scientific, technological, cultural and artistic convergence towards a paradigm shift in the ways we think, plan and act. Advocating for creative and cultural sectors to lead the imagination and implementation of solutions to pressing global challenges, the platform seeks to build communities at the nexus of culture and creativity that will support the need for a “great rethinking” of the ethics, values and priorities of our time. Through mapping ongoing “next renaissance” efforts, promoting interdisciplinary education programs and hosting exhibitions, the platform’s goal is to engage a wide range of audiences with the possibilities and pitfalls presented by “The Next Renaissance,” In 2024, the platform will launch an action plan towards a more sustainable, enriched future transformed by creativity and collaboration, and cultural rebirth and renewal.

Opening Words on The Next Renaissance
POSTCITY, Lecture Stage
AI and Infrastructures of Care
POSTCITY, Lecture Stage
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  • AI and Infrastructures of Care

    Špela Petrič (SI)

    The talk will describe Petrič’s recent investigation of state-of-the-art automation as it is applied in the care and production of bodies, as well highlight the methodologies developed to bring fore multiple perspectives on the otherwise opaque processes of AI implementation.

  • Opening Words on The Next Renaissance

    Bernd Fesel (DE)

    Opening Words

  • The Next Renaissance Initiative–Opening perspectives

    Patricia Castillo (ES)

    The Next Renaissance: A Reflection on Privilege and Hope for an Urgent Global Movement

  • The Next Renaissance Panel

    Franz Giessbl (DE), Lucia Ronchetti (IT), John Palmesino (IT), Rachel Armstrong (IE), Alistair Hudson (GB), Charles Landry, Victoria Vesna (US)

  • The Next Renaissance Platform: Call for Artists

    Charles Landry (DE/GB)

    The Next Renaissance is a flagship initiative of the newly founded EIT Culture & Creativity. Our aim for the Next Renaissance platform is to promote the need to dramatically reassess our ethics, values and priorities in addressing the major problems of our times.